26 Photos that will make you understand what true pain

The kaleidoscope of events in our life regularly gives us reason to pause and feel a moment in all its fullness. And, more than anything, we react to situations that make us fall in stupor, and, sometimes, in a state of shock. But, as always, what helps us not go crazy in that kind of situations is a good dose of laughter.

Great.guru has already experienced the effect of the therapy of laughter, having been immersed mentally in the epic of the times of each one of the photos of our selection, and we suggest you also remember what it feels like to laugh between tears.

1. It is impossible to look at this photo without tears

2. “A rat baby just came out of our drain. New York, what really are you so fearful?”

3. “For those who think that in Australia it is not cold: lately, it is not the whole truth”

4. When you just want to unclog the sink

5. The sacred animals that do not have forgiveness of God!

6. “My security camera was stolen during the shipment”

7. 3 weeks ago an excavator damaged this cable 96 cores and, since then, 136 thousand people do not have Internet connection

8. Poor phones to be crucified. What would you have done?

9. When you understand that you are no longer her favorite son

10. When you just want a bite of pizza

11. When you cut a little more than you planned

12. A moment in time when the beer cools, but not in the way that you wanted

13. The sky, the clouds and enjoy the flight… of your iPhone

14. I ordered the boots of my dreams, but I received a package of hopes broken, and a bitter disappointment

15. I needed to believe in the existence of a second layer of chocolates in this box so great, but the miracle did not happen

16. My neighbor forgot to clear the browsing history, and this was the reaction of your wife

17. I bought some headphones great and newborn at home I realized that it was only one

18. There is that develop an immunity to the pain of the frustration from the childhood

19. “I worked as a beekeeper in Italy, and that day I learned that I am allergic to bees”

20. “This car accident happened today, in Amman, Jordan. It hurts the brain so much to try to understand how this happened”

21. This is how you learn the pain, the resentment and the loss of trust

22. I bought a ticket to see a match. I had an excellent place in line happy

23. When the wish to take a relaxing bath brings even more stress

24. “The hair implanted by 10 billion USD was cut free by my 4 year old son”

25. When you see how your child’s head appears and re-hide

26. This is why the fishing there is only to carry fishing rods

What of the epic times of our selection I was impressed with the most? What about you have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

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