26 funny Pictures that you will want to watch again and again

It happens that, in a series of familiar situations that we see day after day, our eyes capture moments quite special. Does not seem to be supernatural or extreme, but our imagination begins to run trying to find answers to the questions “How?” and”why?”, which multiply in our head.

Great.guru brought together some curious facts of life that will make you to invent stories to explain each one of them.

1. The egg came rolling to the table, but the events took an unexpected turn

2. When betting all the power and you forget about the precision and dexterity

3. Well you see the imperturbability

4. “I lost my bag a couple of weeks ago, and there is where I found it today. I have only one question: how will I be able to put it down there?”

5. What? are arrows with diamond tips?

6. It seems that the owner understands the term “auto green” your way

7. “My youngest daughter broke her leg a week before our vacation. And yesterday happened to me the same thing while we walk”

8. This is a trash can in the arrival hall of the airport. I think that he was a witness to much drama

9. “Is this your cat? Is trying to move to our house”

10. When it is interesting not so much the beginning of the story, but the resolution of this

11. This owl is not real, is made from pulp of pitaya

12. A palm tree growing on a tree

13. Beach, cat, professional dancer… Nothing strange

14. This dog must be an excellent driver

15. In this context, it is unlikely that the men traveling in the rear of the suv to ” wow ” someone

16. Why is wearing a sock?

17. Camouflage perfect to work undercover

“Railway transport. I am a train. Chucu, chucu”.

18. I wonder if they are protecting themselves or just a warning to others

19. It is not clear what happened here, but hopefully there occurred a miracle

20. This is Indonesia…

21. When the warning is more real than ever

“Wet floor”.

22. “I found this wonderful representative of a rare species of unicorns in the parking lot to the store of products for artists”

23. “Yes, I’m very comfortable. No, I will not tell you how it happened”

24. I wonder what I was watching

25. Two opposite things

26. “Today I tried to take a panoramic photo of the Eiffel Tower. Came out surprisingly well”

What I found most unexpected?

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