26 People are very lazy that they found some shortcuts for the life

We are all lazy at some point of life. Too much to clean the house, wash the dishes, go to sports, play with children or go anywhere. But some people exceed all limits and find creative ways to live without a fight against the laziness.

In Great.guru created a collection of 25 photos most amazing of those people that can be called as the weakest in the world.

26. Steven, do you remember how to do it without segway?…

25. Why should you run if the house is going to burn anyway?

24. No pain, no gain. We’re not talking about the owner of the dog, of course

23. Evolution, technology, eating without having to use your hands…

22. They say that dogs need to run every day, but people don’t!

21. When you’re too lazy to even tilt his head

20. Thanks to the creator of the straws for cocktail

19. Naaa, I don’t need a dish

18. Train only in the gym

17. Not only people are loose

16. Invisible + homeless + LAZY

15. At least you will not have a double chin

14. Yes! Let slumber parties every day!

13. Surfing in a wheelchair is a sport impressive

12. It is very complicated for your hands to…

11. Oh brilliant! He should patent it

10. Is it really comfortable?

9. There was No time for the other 3 fingers of the feet. I was very busy

8. She always brings a chair with him

7. Well, he is literally sitting in a chair

6. Sorry, but removing the tree is not your work

5. Your garbage will probably be in another city. Or in another planet, Who knows?

4. Whew! Finally, my abs will be created alone!

3. She thinks it is not dangerous to ride the baby on Segway

2. Just a disaster creative!

1. Oh no! What is Christmas again?!

Have you ever seen people who are just as lazy as the photos? Perhaps you have some images with them? I share them with everyone in the comments!

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