26 People who changed his life in an incredible way

The most difficult thing in the serious changes is to make the first step. But as soon as I do, and the path won’t seem so difficult… especially if you have to hand inspiring examples of people who have already gone through the same thing.

Great.guru collected inspirational photos that show the life after the fantastic changes for the better.

Changes in 365 days

“9 months ago my dad weighed in at 154 pounds, had type 2 diabetes and went through a surgery on the heart. Now weighs 107 pounds and she’s not about to stop”

“As an adult, I decided to become an artist. Here is my progress in 8 weeks of classes with a professional”

“Due to my being overweight, I ended up in the hospital. It was then when I decided to change my life!”

It’s amazing how much you can change a diet based on broccoli, chicken and mushrooms

“I stopped eating mentanfetaminas does so a year. It’s amazing how much can change in so short a period”

So you see 50 pounds lost

“When I got married, I understood that I needed to change for the better. It’s almost 2 years after I did it!”

“My mom spent 7 years in jail and came out in October of last year. Since then, have two jobs, and today they bought a car. I am proud of it”

“The progress of my wife within 10 months after the birth of our daughter”

Before and after you start exercising

I cut the braids that I had for 11 years

From 112 to 64 kilos in 10 months

The difference between these photos is 2 and a half years

3 years without drugs

“Thank my loved ones for the support. Without them I could not have changed so much”

“In 1999 I was working in a petrol station in 2017 are administrator of finance. I never give up on your dreams!”

“It has been over 2 years since I was cured of anorexia”

The transformation in 365 days

“I had anorexia, but now I’m finally healthy and happy”

“I am 23 years old. Today I finally took off my braces.”

“My life without anorexia”

Surgery in the mandible, before and after

“This is how you reflected the loss of 30 kilos in my face”

Each stripe is a year without heroin

“6 months of sobriety after that I ended up in emergency room due to an overdose”

What are the biggest changes that you have made in your life? Maybe one of your loved ones has decided to take the step and change their destiny drastically? Tell us your stories in the comments.

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