26 People who definitely should not have taken that last cup

They say that somehow the drunk manages to survive. In fact, the people drunken, in their way, are great, even if it is only because they are an endless source of ridiculous situations and fun.

In Great.guru promoting a reasonable consumption and the responsible use of alcoholic beverages, and for purely educational we suggest you to observe the amusing consequences of a night of fun.

“My friend yesterday was party in a club and while he danced he made a split… now uses crutches”

Hard way home after Oktoberfest

Shopping when drunk is a particular story, and very dangerous

Seriously, the late night shopping on the Internet should be made only after a breath test.

“My wife swears she was not drunk when he made an order, but hates chocolate and we don’t play tennis”

“Someone stole the car doors of my neighbor last night”

“Last night I took my daughter to a party. I’m happy to report that I am an example of that adults take responsibility and reasonably”

Someone had a fun night and very productive

I wonder how fun it would have to be the night to forget your leg on the bar?

Animals also know how to have fun and then suffer the consequences

“Today I ate 12 chocolates with liquor. I got drunk so much that first I could not stand on my foot and then I threw up in the living room. And now I have a hangover!”

“Our puppy labrador got into a bag of food last night. $ 250 later I got this x-ray: the only organ that looked like it was the stomach”

A thief, drunk but with a conscience

“A drunk guy stole a bike and can’t remember where! Call, please, if this bike is yours”.

The alcohol helps to discover new culinary skills

“Yesterday after the party, got confused the soap out of my wife with a chocolate”

“Last night I prepared my lunch for work. I like the style of the ’I drunk’”.

What to do after a good party? Back home, heat the oven, heat pizza, go to sleep…

“Being drunk after a party, accidentally I broke the ledge in the bathroom. But I didn’t lose the head, I went out into the garden and immediately made a new”

“My ability to make Photoshop to be drunk is unmatched. I found this photo on my phone, last night I sent it to my mother, trying to show him that I’m home,”

“Now I understand why the alarm didn’t go off”

“I don’t remember what happened yesterday, but I woke up as well”

Rule number 1 of any party: not drive

“My neighbor should have called a taxi last night”

“I slept at the exit of a bar at the bus stop. I woke up because someone I tug on the pants”

“My drunk friend decided that he wanted to get a tattoo himself. Had No experience or artistic skills”

“My girlfriend drunk took very seriously the fact of losing in the board game”

Boy, you’re drunk, go home

Bonus: “how Much I made yesterday?”

Confesses, what were things more ridiculous than you did while you were drunk? We promise not to tell anyone.

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