26 People who started the year with incredible luck

At the beginning of a new year, we always hope that happens a little miracle. And even as simple as it seems to us an act of magic.

Great.guru gathered for you the stories of 26 people who started the year with a windfall.

This photographer took a single photo and noticed that just being in the house

“My girlfriend and my mom admiring the fireworks of the New Year which is released right in front of our house”

A mother of two won $ 5 million with a lottery ticket bought by mistake

“Last year I stole my iPhone. This year I was winner of a raffle at work”

“Today I joined the club of Disney princesses”

“My camera was wet, but this photo was worth it”

“My dad manages a autolavado from 30 years ago. After the holidays, found this letter in your mailbox”

“The best New Year’s eve: my son took his first steps”

Jackpot on a vending machine

“I was sitting waiting for a perfect time for a photo, when it appeared this train”

This dog saved the life of his owner, heated for a whole day in cold weather, when the lord slipped and broke his neck

“The first picture of my daughter in the New Year”

“I got a whole aeroplane for me alone when I booked by accident a ticket for a flight destined to the transport of the crew”

“A snowflake fell on my scarf”

“The night of the New Year I found in a pocket a coin that met fair 100 years”

“We traveled on the train with a fan of video games. For 6 hours he drew and entertained my daughter, and then his father took us to the hotel. A complete stranger became a friend to us”

“On the way I managed to capture a scene excellent”

“She is in love with the new member of our family”

“A passer-by gave me gloves today when he was returning from work on a very cold day”

The joy of the first encounter with the snow

An unexpected bonus

In Canada several dozens of people from the province of nova Scotia, saved a beached whale on the 1st of January

The owners of this home were evacuated due to the forest fire and left on the system risk of the grass

“Our neighbor is a cool guy. When she saw me cleaning up the snow, using his ’new toy’, I helped sweep the road towards my house”

“The long-awaited gift for my grandmother”

In the media turks became viral photo of a cleaner of shoes, a syrian refugee, watching with admiration a gym (left). Then the owners of the club gave the boy of 12 years, the entrance life to this establishment

Does the new year already has presented a few surprises? It tell us in the comments!

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