26 People who repented much you have bought by Internet

Internet purchases are not always a good idea. Sometimes online shopping become a lottery and the harsh reality is very different to all the beautiful photos in the pages of the vendors.

Great.guru selected a few examples of online shopping which became a real disappointment. But even so, these people were able to laugh at themselves and make others laugh all over the Internet.

“These are the sunglasses that I ordered”

When you purchase socks with your idol

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with this purchase

“In the end they gave me this blanket and now I can not stop to laugh”

“There is something that I lost in vista when I ordered my work boots”

“I bought these boots with 50% discount. They sent Me only one boot”.

Almost looks the same

It is only a “smart watch” new generation

These puppies look more like zombies

What they forgot to glue them?

“The hoax most cruel of my life!”

The wedding dress was a bit different to how it looked in the picture

“I got something bigger than what I had asked for”

Almost identical

As such in the advertising

Superman is no longer the same

The overall that he ended up in disappointment total

These smiles seem to be a few aliens evil

“It must be because I lost a lot of weight…”

Or superheroes should buy on-line

“Yes, I wasn’t expecting it”

My dress did not meet my expectations

It was hoped that this cup will change its color when heated

This drink was affected by the global warming

Not atinaron a little bit with the size

Endless fun

Have you ever made a purchase, failed by the Internet and you’ve felt like these disappointed customers? Please share your experience in the comments!

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