26 People who lived a small miracle on Christmas night

The holidays have just ended, but people are still sharing in the networks and how they fared. Great.guru found for you 26 examples of the true magic of christmas. And at the end of the article you expect a bonus: a story that is nothing in the world can prevent us from being happy.

“A homeless woman captured the thief that tried to steal my bike. In gratitude, I invited her with her son to spend Christmas at our house”

A dog deaf, abandoned during a hurricane, at Christmas he found a new family

This guy is suffering from a rare disease that makes him sleep almost all the time. For the first time in 4 years he woke up to Christmas and was able to enjoy the family celebration

“Two people who do not know each other sent me Christmas cards which together formed a picture perfect”

“The favorite toy of my dog is Santa, so we decided to present it”

“5 years ago and now: the gifts of my parents I always return to my childhood”

“My parents are conservative does not let me play a ’Dungeons and Dragons’ when I was a child. 30 years later I fulfilled my dream with my son”

“Recently my brother died. Left a child of 4 years. His former teammates gathered for my nephew all these christmas gifts. It is an amazing support in a difficult phase for our family”

This small, took this counter muslim by Santa Claus, and the man followed him out the game for 4 years. For the magic there are no limits

“My father was diagnosed with first stage Alzheimer’s. This Christmas I gave him a dog. He says he understands that you’ll soon forget many things, but this dog will remember for a long time”

“The family of my patient with dementia was not able to visit him in the party. I was very sad, but I said, ’No, lord, it is Christmas. We have to be happy! So for now I am your family and it is time to take a family photo’. He accepted”

A girl shared on the Internet since many years ago he bought his brother with a mental illness the same cart for Christmas, but that was discontinued from production. Internet users around the world answered the call and the ayudarón to find the toy. The manufacturer promised to send everything that was in their stores

“Every year my mom makes Christmas envelopes and put 20 dollars on each one to congratulate strangers”

A train station in London organized a festive dinner for the homeless

The students cooperated to give new shoes to the housekeeping employee who adore

“My dad died when I was 3 months. This year, as a Christmas gift for my grandmother, we recreated this photo with my newborn son”

“My wife gave birth to a baby that is not hers. It made for a couple who for the past 10 years I dreamed of having a child. Being a surrogate mother can be very difficult, but I have witnessed the Christmas gift larger than you can do. I am very proud of it,”

For Christmas, this child received the long-awaited official notification on its adoption

“My wife made me the best gift”

“My grandmother took a year to get me this gift. Hand-embroidery of the homes of the series ’Game of Thrones’”

“She adopted me 15 years ago and nobody in the world makes me more happy. Our best Christmas together. I love my grandmother”

“I often take my dog to work. This year, my boss prepared a Christmas bonus also”

“My parents divorced after 20 years of marriage. Many time after, they began dating again. This Christmas dad proposed to mom for the second time”

“My boyfriend prepared me the best surprise”

The happiness that makes you can’t hold back the tears

Bonus: up to hiding from the bombing in an underground shelter, these people were able to make the feast their children. December 25, 1940, London

There are miracles large and small. The important thing is to never lose faith in them. Share with us your stories even more magical.

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