26 Products that should have been invented a long time ago

Since the invention of the wheel, we have seen many creations that revolutionized the world. Leaving aside the larger ones, like tvs, planes, or even the Internet, there were many inventions that are much smaller than they have become part of our daily life.

In Great.guru did find a few of these creations and many others that are still in the process of imagination. Look at how comfortable the life in the years ahead!

26. This keychain GPS to help you with your forgetfulness

At some point, all we lost the keys of our car and struggling to open it with an infinity of tactics. Never again! Simply use this key fob, which has its own GPS.

25. This bench swivel will allow you to sit on the side to dry

On rainy days, you will not have to stand when you have a bank empty your hand because yours is no longer wet. Just drag it and it will always be ready to sit down.

24. This is a playful way to stop littering in the wrong place

This is the best way to motivate people to throw the waste in the landfill. It will not only launch something, it will be a dual point of basketball.

23. Backpack with incorporated hood

For travelers more savvy, this will be a great blessing. It is useful and comfortable!

22. Pen with detector color

Do you like the bright red color of strawberries or the intense orange of a tangerine? I tell one of your pen!

21. The bathrooms in movie theaters should have screens alternate.

So you don’t miss a single minute of your favorite movie, in the bathroom should be to install screens with the same film that are seeing in the cinema at that time.

20. Drill transparent

So you don’t have to guess where to make the hole. Definitely there will be errors.

19. A mute button on the microwave oven

For those times you don’t want anyone to hear you are warming up your dinner.

18. This car is transformed into a swimming pool

A good solution to get away from the heat of the summer.

17. A pillow so comfortable that for sure you will sleep in peace!

This will ensure that your arms are not falling asleep after waking up from a good dream.

16. It rains, it rains… come To me I don’t care!

With this invention, do not have to worry about take never more.

15. Slides down the stairs

You’ll never have to re-count the number of steps.

14. Support curved of drinks for your sofa

You will not have to worry about spills, even when you relax and you are ready to go to bed.

13. The desalination of the sea could solve the problem of the shortage of fresh water around the world

Maybe an invention like this, which can cause the sea water to be potable, resutaría be a big change in the global environmental problems.

12. Don’t enojarás more for your short stature with these great boots!

Use them to continue with the tasks that usually require the help of a large staircase. And someone to make sure you don’t fall.

11. The optical illusion for your lunch bag

No one will dare to touch your sandwich now. Of course, no one likes food with mushrooms or expired.

10. A mobile support for your night-time navigation

Your nose and your eyes will be completely safe now!

9. An effervescent tablet that you can add to your soda. No more drinks without gas!

Maybe the larger bottles are sold a lot more and there will be less waste.

8. A new option for the elections

This is one version correct and honest exercise of democracy.

7. This solar power panel will keep your car warm in the parking lot

To vary, you will want the sun to shine intensely so that your car is kept cold and without any type of battery consumption.

6. Paper gift spray

The wrapping of your gift will be fun and also damage-free, thanks to this magical role in aerosol.

5. Cups edible for when you have a lot of hunger

You don’t have to wait for the food to come out of the pot, pass the spoon and after that arrives within of your mouth. It just starts to chew your drink!

4. A circular shower: luxurious and very comfortable

Experience to swim as well! Oh, the love!

3. These were the condoms that change color when they come in contact with a sexually transmitted disease

No more worries about unsafe sex.

2. A room with a spray bottle of sunscreen

Like tanning salons, the hall of sun protection is for those who want to apply sunscreen more evenly.

1. This cup of coffee smart catches the drippings and put back in its place

The love for your coffee ever again producirte distress. You won’t waste even a single drop.

These small inventions seem to be very simple, but they really deserve all the applause. Not only simplify our lives, but they are also a test of human intelligence. Do you have any of these inventions? Please share your opinions with us in the comments!

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