27 Coincidences and accidents that these people will remember for a long time

Photographers sometimes wait for years to capture a single image, the most powerful. Athletes are also trained to show and win titles and medals. But, simultaneously, there are also people in the world who never had the urge to take pictures or do something really great, but the “lady Opportunity” is put on your part. Although we don’t always have that envidiarlos: coincidences, sometimes, they are very pedagogical.

In Great.guru we collect for you 27 coincidences are surprising, funny and strange that users shared on the Internet.

“My friend shook the umbrella and, by chance, drew a map of the world”

Your face when your son ordered a pizza through an application, by 94 USD

This dog, by chance, participated in a half marathon, came up to the goal, and even won the seventh-place!

“My friend, in a fortuitous way, he was immersed in a meeting with president Obama”

“My sister, without wanting to, he washed the hair with a depilatory cream”

“This was a flight to another dimension”

“My dog knows that it is forbidden to enter the office. By mistake, he introduced there his toy and is now trying to get it out without me noticing it”

“I found a message in the bottle. It was not big thing”

“My hand trembled just at the time that I was doing this picture and the soul of my friend seems to say goodbye to this earthly world and leaves his body”

“I just wanted to take a picture of the helicopter”

I went to the library and, suddenly, I found myself inside of the movie “Interstellar”

“By chance, I managed to photograph the bottom eye of my cute kitten”

“The painted eggs I came out finally as well, I think that soon I will be the Mother of Dragons!”

“My friends, by mistake, threw a firecracker into a box full of fireworks”

“Without wanting to, I shut my dog in the basement”

“My roommate and I have the same car that our neighbors from the street. Today our parking area looks like”

“Last night I gave food to a cat. This morning I went out to the street and saw that it was waiting for me. I think what I’ve taken by chance”

A photo taken of how fortuitous he ended up being spectacular

“The new floor will match perfectly with the color of my dog”

“Accidentally left it in the yard a cup with water. At night, a leaf fell in. Everything froze”

How you can give to understand to your husband that his favorite woolen sweater is shrugged off, so all of a sudden, after washing

“I broke a cutter and by accident I created an apple that is very dangerous”

“Accidentally, I made a cut on the wrist during my presentation”

“I love the photo of the wedding of the grandparents of my boyfriend. I decided to photograph it and, by chance, I captured the face of her grandmother admiring this picture 50 years later”

My last sip of coffee became the bottom of the cup in a beautiful forest

An electrician accidentally made holes in the roof of the New York public library, recently rebuilt by 12 million USD

What you have witnessed or have lived some chances for fun that you want to tell the world? We are waiting for you in the comments.

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