28 Examples of advertising created by true geniuses

The advertising must encourage the people to buy or act. But some announcements will captivate with your idea or your beauty and make you ask: “who will have happened?”

In Great.guru met the most incredible art for advertising. I watch it and enjoy with us!

28. A creative advertising from an irish pub

27. Remove the “hair” and goes to the page of the advertiser

26. Social advertising can be ingenious

25. We build the future with Lego

24. The phone I liked the fingers of his owner, after eating a chicken from KFC

23. Burger King did a commercial with real pictures of fires in their cafeterias. They happen because the process of preparation occurs over an open fire

22. Rolling Stone with a heart of truth

21. Ashtanga Yoga takes care of your back

20. Penguin Books and advertising creative audio

19. Whiskas taking care of the basic instincts of the cats

18. Volkswagen invites you to “Turn on the adventures”

17. The incredible power of Bosch

16. Lego develops the imagination

15. BIC: the glue helps to meet

14. Bottles Success don’t let it absorb odors

These bottles have walls so thick that the smell of food in the fridge that will never come to your water.

13. Pens two-sided Sharpie

12. Pencils Scribe know how to give life to the drawings

11. Lenses Sears give the eye a feline

10. Shop for fishermen and hunters at The Flaherty’s

Everything you need to be invisible.

9. A body-art unusual

8. Detergent ALO with a system of identification of the spots

7. Power saws completely silent Stihl

6. A keepsake for the mothers Day High Rosary Shopping

5. Follow us on iPad

4. A Kit-Kat white

3. A social advertising that invites us to feed the hungry

2. Honest advertising

1. Just need to find the strength to jump the fence

Can you ignore this type of advertising? Do you have examples great as these? I share them with us!

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