28 Photographs that you will love at second sight

People are accustomed to perceive the world that surrounds them, almost without thinking about it. Thus, the brain saves energy and preserves it for those jobs that are really important and vitally necessary. That is why, the eyes often deceive us. The authors of these photos prove it: they understood not at the first what happened within the image.

Optical illusions occur with frequency and, therefore, in Great.guru try to collect for you the most interesting, crazy, and incredible. I these we loved it!

This little nugget, close-up, looks like a chicken giant breaded

“It seems that my professor, as always, is sitting at his desk, but it turns out that no, it’s just your picture, placed on the door frame”

Or is it a cloud in the shape of a UFO, or it is time to escape to the back yard and build a bunker in case of invasion of the aliens

This nest looks like the head of a wasp, very surprised by such a coincidence

“The dress my wife made me look like a satyr”

It seems that this skater will it cost to lift your partner

Mice, beware! This cat has a weapon in hand and not afraid to use it

This is just one success story of a dog lucky

Do you oil paint? No, it’s just the reflection of an off-road dump in the water

“This building looks as if my computer had minimal adjustments to soften the image.”

And this building looks like an image that has not been charged at all your preview

“What I have in my hands a baby dragon?”

Do a cross between a sausage dog (dachshund) and a labrador retriever?

“I almost fainted after seeing these ’hands’ of wood protrude from the ground”

“Nails in my ankle look like a gondolier of Venice”

And how many ears should have a dog normal?

“What am I, or a large group of people is dining inside of this van?”

Only a couple of dogs that decided to travel feeling the breeze

“This guy is so rude that observed with calm as his leg is prey for the flames? Or do I missed something?”

A serious advantage over the rivals

What a big truck or a mini-cruise?

This dog you are debating between flying or swimming

“I took this picture of the cat in the window through a lens fogged and now seems to be a painting and not a photo”

“I’ve been 10 minutes trying to explain to my wife that in our photo of the wedding looks like it is sitting on my shoulders. She is still not understand what I mean!”

I would say that the dragons still exist

“I tried to photograph a grasshopper on the windshield and it turned out to be an insect giant crossing the road”

This cat is dangerous and goes armed, don’t approach them

To all of them, it seems that these photos were taken from different angles, but it is the same image

It is the perspective. Due to the angles and lines in the photo, it seems that the paths in the lower part of the image must converge. But this is just an optical illusion. And this is the proof.

We are increasingly convinced that you should not believe everything that our eyes see. But what we are sure one hundred percent is that you will probably also have some history on optical illusions that leave us without words. We hope to share them with us in the comments.

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