28 Photographers lucky ones who managed to take photos enviable

Modern technologies extend the boundaries of the art of photography. And, as a result, they gain popularity as new trends such as astrophotography, or photos taken with drones. Despite this, the luck of the photographer and their ability to feel the moment to this day, still remain important.

Great.guru gathered for you fantastic pictures. It seems to us that the majority of photographers would be willing to give up everything just to be able to add these photos in your portfolio.

28. Three Gorges dam in China

27. A truck tries to steal the sun

26. Parade of tornadoes seen from a plane

25. Dome lilac in Melbourne

24. Storm in Porthcawl

23. A lantern full of snow

22. Loneliness

21. Rocket launch

20. A wave of clouds

19. The snow that first melted, and then froze instantly

18. Perfect separation

17. The sunset looks like hell

16. Sports festival in North Korea

15. Coast line unusual

14. The sky looks like a sea during a storm

13. Forest of colors

12. Light that passes through a cross on the mountain

11. A bubble blown out

10. Superluna on top of a mosque

9. The dam

8. Is only a cloud

7. Blast wave

6. The strength of the city

5. The output of the sun is reflected on the rails

4. The fin of a whale

3. Sunset on Mars

2. Kitten’s autumn

1. ¡Auch!


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