28 Photos of the winter that reflect all the pain of this season

Winter is the season of good when you live in a warm country. But if you had to live in a place ice cream, you know that has its negative sides. Great.guru decided to show you how to live the winters in the coldest places of the world.

When the toilet decides to break down in the middle of winter

A snowman live

When the snow is too strong

This is difficult

The good thing is that I had raised the windshield wipers: do not hit the glass

It is as well as the streets are converted into roller-skating rinks

Only you forgot to close the window

When your husband is a joker

The game “find your car”

At least the children liked the icicles!

The snow always knows how to get into the home

This fish was not very good today

“My friends left a tin can outside”

When your coworkers have a good sense of humor

When you break the pipe during a freeze

Oh, so it does not leave the water…

When you soap and running water

The freshness frost

I wanted to go to work, but something went wrong

Have you ever seen the crocodiles in the winter?

It is as well as the crocodiles and alligators survive the heavy frost. Hibernate and take his snout below the ice in order to breathe.

When you want to practice surfing in the middle of winter

Guess by the photo how many degrees below zero is doing

When your passion for study is stronger than the cold

Only it is a sword that turned into ice

When you enter the bath of the Queen of the Snows

The tree didn’t last the winter wind

The waterfall was frozen

That is why it is better not to urinate in the street when it’s really cold

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