28 fabulous Parents that can teach you to take things lightly

Being a parent is a difficult task and requires a lot of responsibility. But dads and moms are people, too, so they too can make mistakes and solve problems with a sense of humor. Sometimes impress us with his genius.

Great.guru joined 28 photos of parents incredible who prefer not to complicate life. Some of them are worthy of admiration and inspire you to relax a bit too.

When your parents are engineers

And besides, people are very ingenious

“I swear, in reality, we are each great parents!”

How we see this in a commercial and how it looks in reality

Tightrope walker

I took my daughter with me to the restaurant, I turned around for a second and…

—Dad, can you leave me a little space in the chair?

—Of course, daughter.

I told dad that I wanted to be an ear for Halloween. No problem!

Wow, what a reaction!

My wife’s parents made him a sock christmas great

And the award for “parents of the year” goes to this couple

I am 28 years old and live with my parents. This was what I got for Christmas this year.

I just wanted to teach my child to swim

My parents are very homey, but recently I was sent this photo of a trip

I just put a new dress

I bought a holster for smartphone in a online store. It turned out that didn’t fit my model, so I went to my dad.

Not cared for well…

Son, I have you!

My mom took a couple of glasses, so I decided to organize the potato for its size

I am 24 years old, live with my parents. This was my Christmas gift. It seems to me they are hinting at something.

My dad finally found out about my tattoo. This was his reaction.

I thought I had bought a sweater great to my son for Christmas, until his teacher explained to me what I was doing Santa in that picture

Flight of 9 hours to Budapest. There is no problem, we are parents, seasoned travelers.

My dad looked at me for 5 minutes, until he saw his plate

A friend went with his daughter to the zoo and was distracted a little

Dad had no time to buy balloons for my birthday, so I gave this. He works in a dental office.

One time my dad decided to get drunk and to teach the dog to ride a bike

No children were harmed during this photo session. Seriously, it is only an emotional snapshot.

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