28 People who do not endure are eager to share their findings with others

Imagine the following situation: you are walking through the grocery store, and suddenly, between the shelves you find an abandoned cart with a pizza and a bottle of vodka unfinished. What would your reaction be? What surprise, laughter and an irrepressible urge to tell about this to your friends? What did the protagonists of this article, who had the good luck to find many interesting things.

Great.guru has met 28 people who accidentally found a few little things in common that you definitely not see every day.

1. “I found an abandoned cart with a pizza almost intact and a bottle of vodka open in the supermarket”

2. “I found a bar of cereals in Spain”

3. A cucumber cut in half just like the visualization of the vibrations of sound in liquids

4. “I saw this coin of Super Mario in a suburb of Houston”

5. “I found this huge table football”

6. “I found a deer antler in the form of a deer in the house of my grandfather”

7. The ice cream didn’t have the waffle cone

8. “I found a Hercules beetle near my house. To compare, to the left is a beetle common to the size of a coin”

9. An insect chewed this leaf, leaving a symmetrical pattern

10. “I found a stone of unusual shape, that someone painted as a cassette-VHS”

11. This tomato makes it grow other tomatoes

12. A watermelon is too ripe cut looks fascinating

13. This loading dock left, it has become a mini ecosystem of swamp

14. “I saw a bush cut in the form of a auto-retro”

15. “Walking through Rome, I saw a stump with a face carved”

16. “I discovered in a wall, a plant that grew directly out of the space between the bricks”

17. “My parents found something frightening during a walk through the forest”

18. The road workers played three in a row

19. “I saw a strange inscription on a banana in the local market. It’s like the beginning of a horror movie”

“I get closer”.

20. “There are cement shoes as well throughout our city. Nobody knows who did it and why”

21. The channels of the Buena Vista park in San Francisco are paved with tombstones of the NINETEENTH century

22. “I found a figure of a frog spider in a souvenir shop in Mexico”

23. “I found a cucumber, in which there was not a single seed”

24. Part of the roots of this tree grew outward

25. “I bought an ice cream and had 5 sticks”

26. “I found this tomato in my garden. Looks like it was cut in 3 pieces and then stitched again”

27. “I found a cheese with mold that looks like a piece of marble”

28. “I saw the van of my friend that he parked it 10 years ago in the home of his parents. During that time, through a hole in the bumper, grew a tree”

And you, have you found something unusual about what you would like to tell others?

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