29 Photos, in which reality exceeds any intervention of Photoshop

Any graphic editor can be compared to what nature creates sometimes.

Great.guru gathered for you 29 real photos that are better than any image processed and enhanced in Photoshop.

“This giant ball of fire is a cloud that I saw in Morocco.”

Amazing fall colors in a japanese garden in Portland.

“Mom decorated the window for the Holy Week and now the cat is painted with polka dots of color”.

“I was walking through a forest and I saw a lightning hit a pine tree. Before the arrival of the fire department that I called, I managed to take some amazing photos”.

These splashes seem to be a blanket

An employee of the forest photographed the fire that was burning a tree on the inside. This is its true color.

This home has a “cap” in the form of a mountain.

“I managed to catch two rainbows after a storm in the Grand Canyon.”

A small town in Iceland.

You don’t have a shred of Photoshop! The Moon on the volcano Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

“My 4 year old son loves dinosaurs and volcanoes. I took him a photo great in Hawaii”.

It is only an eagle standing on the ice, admiring his own reflection.

“It seems that this photo has much Photoshop, but not it is just a view from my tent in the morning.”

During the fog, the tower Sutro in San Francisco becomes a giant pirate ship.

Hold the Tower of Pisa is for the weak, I try to hold the rainbow!

“My friend just to photograph this beauty.”

This building in New York it seems as if it were 2D.

The International Space Station flying over a thunderstorm.

This dog looks like it is inside of this bubble of soap.

When the angle changes everything.

The light through the window in the dining room and the back of the chair and breaks down into a spectrum.

The rays of the setting sun illuminated the dog under a car, and give the impression that you were burning.

“I went on a trip of 10 kilometres in the dark to lake Solitude in the Grand Teton national Park and it was fabulous”.

“Today I managed to make a photo truly great.”

The dough on a table turned into a huge cookie with chocolate chips, as reflected in the cup.

The Milky Way over the race track in the national park Death Valley.

Two aircraft in the same photo.

It seems as if it were a giant woman resting on the ocean on a huge mountain.

“Do you think that is a picture of the space? It is a Russian city in the sunset, it just flips the picture.”

Have you ever managed to take photos truly phenomenal? I share them in the comments!

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