29 Photos that will transport you directly into the future

Pellegrino Ernetti said that he made a time machine in the 1960s, and although that was not true, the images that I present below will allow you to see the future without any special equipment.

In Great.guru we love new inventions, especially those intended to make our daily tasks faster and easier to carry out. We hope that you enjoy these images as we have done so.

29. This house has a slide of wood in its interior:

28. In a supermarket in Copenhagen, there are houses on the outside for people to leave their dogs while shopping

27. “My local grocery store has carts smart, when you’re looking for an article, tell you the aisle and shelf exactly where it is”

26. This butcher shop has a vending machine of flesh on the outside, if you need to buy something and the shop is closed:

25. This supermarket is Dutch allows you to test different types of toilet paper that they sell:

24. This supermarket has magnifying lenses in their carts to help people to learn to read the labels of the products:

23. This store in Kentucky sells containers full of marshmallows from the cereal “Lucky Charms”:

22. Samples of bacon

21. “My local grocery store sells ‘cocktails to bring’”

20. Price tags of digital on the shelves

19. “My local grocery store gives fruit to the children to promote a healthy diet”

“A healthy snack.

Fruit free for the children.”

18. For parents all over the world:

“For your convenience, this box collection has no sweet”.

17. “The sign ‘wet floor’ in the bathroom of my school had a small fan in the base to dry the ground faster”

16. Variety of soaps in the bathroom…

15. This restaurant offers small cards to place the gum:

14. This sushi restaurant has two types of soaps in the bathroom, one for before eating (without scent) and another for after (with perfume)

13. This restaurant in Bulgaria has a bell in each table linked to the smart watch of the waiter that you are attending:

12. These carts in a grocery store have a list of the most common articles and the hallway in which are located:

11. The chairs in this restaurant of a ski resort have a space to keep the gloves and the coat

10. This restaurant sells French fries in paper cones, and the tables have holes in the shape of the same for customers to place in there

9. This restaurant has more than 25 rolls of toilet paper on the wall of each toilet:

8. “This Italian restaurant placed mesh covers on the lemons, so that when you squeeze, the seeds do not fall in your food”

7. In this cafe you can ask them to print a picture of yours in the foam of your drink:

6. “Our local coffee shop uses cubes of coffee frozen coffee ice cream”

5. “The elevator in the building where I work has buttons that you can press with the foot”

4. Drawers that take advantage of the corners, to avoid losing useful space

3. A shower with lights that change color (from green to blue, and from violet to red) in function of the amount of time you spend beneath it. Its purpose is to save you water and money

2. “The bathroom of our new house has a seat for small children incorporated”

1. Vending machine of laptop computers in the city library:

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