29 Achievements of people with a great sense of humor

What someone tells you that you’re wasting time? Tell them with all confidence: “don’t teach me to live, you better help me financially!” and take a look at this selection of the 29 achievements, more strangers from the Internet users that Great.guru has collected for you. And no one will dare to say that this hobby of yours is strange!

“I spent 32 years on this ball of leagues of stationery. I’m sure you’ll bounce back if I lift it”

“The first time in 27 years that I managed to do it”

“My only talent is to give ‘Like’ with all my limbs”

“I was able to put together the picture of a perfect way to packing my gift to you”

“Oh, friend, I also did it!”

“The best achievement of the day: I made a ’hat of the Pope’ for a ball”

“Oh, I planned this photo for 2 months!”

“My double arc of mushrooms”

“I managed to remove the tag in such a way that the bubble in the yogurt not to burst”

“My wife spent a month in making a mobile holder in the form of the Iron Throne of several tens of swords-tiny”

“Finally I did it!”

“I had to double the chocolate in a Kinder Surprise”

“My greatest achievement”

“Panicked my pet about an hour to be able to take this photo. It was worth it”

“My friend and I won a costume contest as well”

“I spent 5 hours on drawing a turkey in Google maps”

“I even think that I have too much free time”

“I recently moved from Australia to the US, and I made my first snowman. What I did correctly?”

The egyptians could not even dream of with so much engineering

“Yesterday someone stole the handle 10 tons. I have only two questions: how? and what for?”

A little bit of your free time, some paper clips, and your ball is ready!

“I yelled at the cat: ’don’t move!’, I made the case and I managed to take this picture”

“My most important achievement”

“Somehow I managed to remove the nucleus of a euro”

“My mom made popcorn smaller that I had seen the food of birds”

“My husband spent 20 minutes without moving around to take this photo perfect with the crab”

“I found a autobronceado in the bathroom and I applied a little on a wrist. I liked it so much that I did the legs and arms scratched. This lasted a couple of months”

“I found crystal clear water in Sweden!”

“Oh, and I found it in the US!”

You will be in agreement that many of these achievements provoke a smile, while others give a laugh genuine. Do you know other examples similar? Tell us in the comments.

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