3 incredible things you can do with the Mavic Air DJI

The Mavic Air from DJI is one of the drones most interesting market, and it is the drone more small and powerful with the chinese firm today, so take it to any side is a task to be simple and lightweight, however, the Mavic Air has some interesting features that we can exploit our creativity.

Create amazing videos with Boomerang

If you’re ready to exploit your creativity with the Mavic Air, then you can use the option of “Quick Shoot” in the menu, to be able to choose any of the different flight modes of the Mavic Air, where you will see the option of a Boomerang.

With Boomerang the Mavic Air traces a path similar to that of a boomerang around the target, starting and ending the video at the same point. If you tap on the icon of a Boomerang before you begin you’ll be able to adjust the direction of flight of the drone.

Launch DJI Mavic Air in Mexico

This flight mode is very easy to use, and the result is simply amazing, here’s a clear example of what you can get.


Experience the madness of Asteroid

Asteroid is another of the modes of flight that is most popular Mavic Air, in order to activate it follow the same steps as with Boomerang, but now, by selecting the option of Asteroid.

In this case, the drone starts recording in front of the lens as it rises and rises, making a spherical panoramic at the end of his career. Then reverses the sense of the reproduction, in such a way that it starts in the spherical panoramic and descends toward the subject as if it were an asteroid falling. When the video is finished recording, the drone will return to its initial position.


Become a Jedi of the drones

The Mavic Air offers a new and interactive method of controlling the drone with the hand, although to activate this function, you have to activate the Program from the application DJI Go for Android and iOS.
Once this is done you will be able to do different gestures to control your drone, and here we tell you step-by-step how to do it:

Off: Keep your arm extended downward at about 45 degrees, with your hand open looking at the drone. After a few moments, the Mavic Air will detect your gesture and the blades will begin to spin. Will rise of the ground and make steady flight, entering automatically in Mode ActiveTrack.

Control with the palm of your hand: Mavic Air will follow your hand gestures. The front LED of the drone will illuminate green without flashing during this mode.

Extending an arm with open hand oriented towards the Mavic Air. The front LED of the drone will illuminate green without flashing when the Mavic Air to recognize your hand. From that moment you can move your hand to control the drone.

Challenge DJI Mavic Air

To exit mode, PalmControl, again to lower your hand quickly and put it to your side.

About your drone: Extend your arms towards the drone with your hands open towards the camera. Your hands should be separated by a distance of between 2 and 4 inches. The drone will come flying, as if what you’re attracting to you. For the drone stops, lower the arms.

Away your drone: With your palms still towards the drone, if you separate them the more you make the drone stay away from you. For the drone stops, lower the arms.

Record: Make a rectangle with the thumb and index fingers of both hands, as if you’re framing a scene. To get the best results, be sure to see the camera of the drone through the rectangle that you are forming.

The front LED will start to blink in red color when it starts to burn, but will turn off during recording.Perform the gesture again to stop the recording. Once the recording has stopped, the front LED will blink green.

Take a selfie: Make a V with your index and middle fingers. The LED of the drone will blink rapidly in red before you take a picture.

Lands: With your hand open, lifted and oriented towards the drone, you slowly descend your arm towards the ground and keep it there for three seconds with your open hand facing the ground below the drone.

It is important to mention that the DJI Spark was the first drone from DJI that could be controlled with the hands, but the Mavic Air has more features and remarkable improvements in those that already existed.

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