3 tools for measuring the speed of the Internet fast and easy

The connection to the Internet is one of the tools needed today to work, entertain and communicate, which is why even we get stressed easily when we don’t have a good Internet connection.

To quickly understand how to work the Internet connection speed we need to understand that there is a speed up and down, and finally that it is important to consider the Ping, which shows the results of the latency, i.e. the time it takes to receive a packet from the server, therefore, the best thing is that the latency is a small number.

The latency is measured in milliseconds, and that is precisely what shows the Ping, for example, if the Ping of your connection is 20ms, it means that that is the time it takes to get the request information from the servers to our device.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet

On the other hand we have the rate of climb and descent, which is measured in Mbps (megabits per second). The speed of descent is one that requires you to download data, view a YouTube video, an episode of Netflix, listen to a song on Spotify, etc., The upload speed is that you need to upload files, for example, upload a photo to Instagram, send an e-mail, etc

Once we have become clear these 3 things with which we can better understand how good is our connection to the Internet it is time to know how we can measure the speed of our Internet connection, as well as seeing the latency of the same, that’s why we’ll leave you 3 tools that you can use from a Internet browser, or well, some of which you’ll be able to download for Android and iOS.


Fast is the Netflix service to measure the speed of your Internet connection. He was born in 2016, with the intention that users know how good could be the quality of your connection to the Internet to play content from the platform, so that the streaming company video launched this tool with its own technology for all users.

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The day of yesterday the platform has received a few improvements that now display the Ping, carrier, and IP address.

Fast is to my taste the best option of this list because it is simple, minimalist, and although it sometimes gives different results to that of other services, the company clarifies that what it does is to download content from Netflix when we run, this with the purpose of to actually measure how good is our connection to the Internet in a real exercise.

To use the service from a browser just go to Fast.com and run the test. There is also a version for Android and iOS.


SpeedTest is perhaps the most popular service of all, and the favorite of many users and enterprises to measure the speed of our Internet connection.

To run SpeedTest it’s enough to go to www.speedtest.netsubsequently we started the test and we await the results. In this way we can download the app for Android and iOS.

Google Fiber

Google has its own Internet service that is offered in the united States, and which is known as Google Fiber, the reason that the search engine has its own tool to measure the quality of the network from the browser.

Google launches tool to measure the speed of Internet from your browser

To use it, simply googling “google fiber speed test”, or, enter http://speedtest.googlefiber.net/ later, we started the test and we await the results.

A short time ago, Google also launched a tool to measure the speed of the Internet directly from the browser, however, is not yet available in Mexico.

A more…

Another of the options that can be of great help for the information it provides is Meteor, a tool developed by the Open Signal, which does not have a web version, but app for Android.

In addition to the information it offers and the speed of download and upload, and Ping time, the Meteor also you mentioned how will be the performance with the applications of your phone on the basis of the results obtained in the test.

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