30 Ads brilliant that will simply not be able to spend long

Say what you say, we humans are beings of incredible. Contrary to the common opinion, we are able to jump on our heads, and do just about anything. If not, why would so many posters and signs everywhere?

Great.guru has compiled for you another serving of notices of all around the planet which proves that in this world everything is possible. And the bonus of the end, you will remember that the stories with a happy ending are not so rare after all.

What can you object?

Oddly enough, this warning works better than the threat of the crane

In bars it is not customary to tip, so the bartender found another way to earn extra money

For reasons such as this is that they canceled the dances in Russia

If your dog knows how to read

What of them is more dangerous?

What if suddenly someone does want to?

It is scary to imagine what is going on in this place

Well, in fact, it would not be unlikely to be confused

Does anyone really attempted to dive here?

That feeling that it is the Pokémon who catches you, and not the other way around

Oh human, you don’t spend long!

If you like to travel sitting, you like to be a driver

Become a star of YouTube is easier than it seems

Do you get it?

We do not agree with the author of this ad. Judging by the description, it is a cat, a common

While this advert, apparently, was done by the dog himself

A typical day office workers

Everything is transient, only the sugar is eternal

It is easy to have healthy teeth

When it is shameful, but very rich

A trick for those that were recently abandoned

And for those that are tired of stupid questions

There are trolls at work in this train station

How is that?

Pope: the panacea of all diseases

The manager of the building has dominated the modern technologies

Well, how else can you force parents to monitor their children?

All right, the kitten should have a home

First the platform, then all the world

Bonus: an ad with a happy ending

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