30 Photos of places of work all over the world that after watching will make you want to escape the office

For many, the job means an office, meetings or business trips. But it is not always so. In reality, there are many unique in the world, where all the tasks are performed manually, the traditions and the technologies almost do not change for hundreds of years.

Great.guru has selected for you 30 amazing photos of places of work all over the world.

Here’s a look at the manufacturing process of fishing nets

More often fishing nets are blue. But there are also a few red.

Cauliflower harvested and ready to be transported to the markets

The craftsman almost finished prep and paint incense red

To prevent that the sticks are warping during the drying, it must control its temperature and to rotate them constantly, that’s why the worker is always busy

While the fishermen of the chinese province of Fujian are working, the wind makes fishing nets are similar to the tentacles of an unknown animal. It is not surprising that this city in China is considered one of the best for photographers and travelers.

Extraction of salt in Vietnam

Traditional fishing in China. With the help of special networks professionals fish in the sea.

Tea pickers in Sri Lanka

The season of anchovies in Xinjiang. Every morning in the spring arrive in fishing boats full of raid. The local fishermen weigh the fish and then delivered to the drying.

The colors of India

This will dry out the rice cakes in Myanmar

Women are put under blazing sun, the pepper freshly ground to dry

Silk factory in Varanasi, India

It is one of the plants of production of leather from the most ancient Morocco. The workers look at the skins as they take the color. This can take many days. The process has not changed much since the Middle Ages.

One of the pottery workshops in the city of El Fayoum, Egypt

The last stage in the production of the white limestone. Workers lay bricks quickly and accurately in cars to ship them to points of sale.

The cotton bales after the harvest are ready to be transported to the plants

Fresh out of the garden

Painting umbrella

The artisan makes products out of copper and tin

In Myanmar, the men first put their foot on a special stick to keep the balance and to the second leg of the leave in the pot. And then quickly go down the cone to catch the fish.

Drying peppers in the sun

Wizards of bamboo

Rows of tobacco leaves after harvest

“Arc of” home to ducks

Fishing is unusual in Sri Lanka

Workshop for the repair of fishing nets. This work is highly valued in Galicia, where the fisheries industry feeds many families.

The workers distributed seeds golden rice in neat rows

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