30+ dramatic Photos that prove siblings can be very evil

Approximately 80% of americans have at least one brother, and, in fact, we spend more time with them than with our parents as we grow. I have a brother is incredibly amazing! Whether major or minor, the connection that we have with them is unique. Our brothers are our best friends and, sometimes, our greatest shame. I also, we are in constant war, of tampering with them!

In Great.guru , we have compiled some images from the Internet that show why having a sibling is both a blessing and a curse.

1. Notes that this brother left in the refrigerator for his sister

I think the milk went bad

2. “My mother said that my sister will sleep in my room tonight”

3. “My fiancé and I wrapped all the contents of the fridge of your sister”

4. “My nephew hit his little brother to skateboard, my niece’s with duct tape”

5. “I asked my brother if he could prepare some food, his response was to make me a bowl of ’ice water’”

6. “The gift I gave to my brother, who likes a lot of the band Foo Fighters”

7. Look at the amount of peanut butter that this brother left for his sister. The effort that you made was really awesome

8. “My brother is a special breed of idiot”

9. If you give a child a Nintendo, you will give your sister a control disconnected

10. “I’m about to do that my sister is a participant of inadvertent challenge of the ice bucket”

11. A Christmas gift from a brother to his sister

To: Sister idiot

Of: Brother

12. This is a gift from a brother to his sister, maiden in the Valentine’s Day

No one loves you

13. This brother is picking up his sister from the airport

Welcome home!

Congratulations for completing the rehabilitation!

14. “After the heart surgery, I told my sister that it would be good that he gave me a watch from Apple for controlling my heart rate and she fulfilled”

15. “Our sister asked us for a blanket this year, so we got her this”

16. Being the younger brother is the most painful

17. The card that an older brother gave it to his brother

Things to do:

Give birthday card to idiot

18. This brother that he gave a cake to her sister

19. “It was supposed that my brother had to take me home from the neighbour’s house”

20. “I got tired of telling my brother and his friends how to behave in my house, so I decided to make a reminder”

I lower your feet of the furniture!

21. Just before that will begin the water war

22. “Gift of the opening of the house of my sister.”

Candle smell of, “oh Ray! This place smells ugly and soon will come the guests!”

23. “This is what my brother did in my room while I was out”

24. “So I asked my sister to surprise to me on my birthday and you really did it!”

25. “My sister does not like it when I shave and leave my hair in the sink…”

26. “My brother said that he wanted some headphones birthday gift”

27. An older brother that supports you

“I make the difference”


28. My brother makes fun of our little sister all day doing drawings on the blackboard

Emma used to be a carrot

29. The creative gift of this sister

I could not afford to share a gift this year, so that will suit this box.

30. “My brother changed the names of the Netflix account”

Who’s watching?

The one that pays the bill

Parasite 1

Parasite 2

Add profile

31. “I just graduated from the Police Academy and my sister sent this to me”

32. These are the problems that you face when you’re the younger brother:

33. “The gift for my sister on the day of your birthday”

An “eye pad” (patch on eye)

Happy birthday, sister.

I love you

34. “My little brother on Instagram vs. when speaking on the phone with his girlfriend”

Do you have siblings? It tell us what kind of jokes they do, and what mischief they make them in the comments below! Do not forget to share this with your brothers to give you some inspiration in the future.

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