30 family Photos that show the genetics in action

“You’re a copy of your grandfather” sometimes it is not an exaggeration. Why do some people have much more kinship with his distant relatives than with their own parents? It’s all about the DNA. It is impossible to predict the genes of which of the relatives will inherit your future son in greater amount.

Great.guru has collected photos of people who were born in a different time in the same family, but, thanks to the genes, look like twins. These pictures speak more than any DNA test.

“My friend in 2014 and his father in 1977. Both have 20 years”

Mother in 1980 and her daughter in 2014. In the photo are of the same age

“I, my father and the same vest for two”

“Left to right: my mom with me, right: me with my son”

“I think that I look like my great-grandfather”

“Left: my wife, right: my daughter”

“My great-grandmother in 1918 and I today”

“I with my son and my mom with me”

“My father and me. Can you guess who is who?”

Two sisters and their daughters

“My grandfather and me. We both had 20 years in these photos”

“My great-grandmother and me. The difference between the photos: 80 years”

“Left: my grandfather in a base in Antarctica, right: I”

“My grandmother and I”

Two friends 30 years ago and their children today

“My 13 year old daughter and myself. The photos were taken on the same day”

“My great-grandmother Fanny Poland in 1915 and today I”

“My grandfather and me. He was quite naughty”

“My father and me. The difference between these photos is 29 years old”

“They say I look like a lot of my grandmother”

“Left: my friend right: his father in 1986”

“Left: I, right: my son. We both have 3 years here”

“My father and me. The same lenses”

“My grandmother says that I look like a lot to your sister”

“My great-grandfather and me. The difference between the pictures is 100 years”

“My grandmother and I, both of us have 20 years”

“My grandfather and me. They say that we are clones”

“My mom and I, we both 25 years old in these photos”

“My brother (left) and dad (right)”

The appearance is not the only thing that we inherited. What family member are you most like about you?

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