30 Facts about our world that will surprise even those who think they know everything

We are sure that we have studied our world far and wide and that there’s nothing in it that surprises us or makes us exclaim: “it Cannot be!” However, this is not so.

Great.guru has compiled for you 30 quick facts. After you see them you will understand that our world still has something that can surprise us. At least a little.

  • To distinguish a diamond from a fake there are that respirarle above. The fake-stone is empañara and true will continue to be transparent.
  • A cockroach without a head can survive for several weeks and at the end die of hunger.
  • The middle finger of the hand of Galileo Galilei is kept in the Museum of Science of Florence.
  • “Mona Lisa” for a number of years he was in the bedroom of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • The phenomenon of Bombay is given when there is aglutinógenos A and B in the blood, which in different combinations give different blood groups. Such blood is found only on the, or 0.0004% of the inhabitants of the Earth. There is even a particular bank of “blood of Bombay”, because their carriers can only be transfused with the same blood, but this serves to any person.
  • In addition to all of the senses known, such as smell, touch and other, a person has a sense called proprioception. It is the sense of the position of the parts of your own body in relationship with others.
  • Bananas have a curved shape because in the process of growth continue to be the light of the sun.
  • Mayday is a word used in place of SOS in the voice communication.
  • The Pokémon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan respectively.
  • The logo of Twitter, the blue bird, has its own name: Larry. The creators of the social network he was named in honor of the basketball player Larry Bird.
  • In the forests of the highlands of Nepal live bees giant whose body length is about 3 centimeters. These produce a honey particular that can cause a person to have hallucinations. The people of Gurung who live in this part of the Himalayas to harvest the honey hallucinogenic.
  • In some traffic lights in Japan, in place of the color green used the blue, because historically both were designated with the same word.
  • The last words of Albert Einstein are unknown, since he spoke in German and the nurse that was on the side of his deathbed didn’t understand the language.
  • The cuts produced by the paper are more painful than others, because with such trauma there is virtually no blood and the nerve endings at the edges of the wound remain open to the irritation of the air.
  • The british royal family is related to Vlad Tepes, the famous prototype of Count Dracula.
  • Taking a hot bath, one can burn the same amount of calories during a half-hour walk.
  • In 2011, North Korea transferred 500 thousand USD to Japan, which had suffered an earthquake.

Salvador Dalí in 1972.

  • To burn only one calorie you must first click the mouse 10 million times.
  • In 1939, Earl Wild, composer and american pianist, gave the first live concert in the history of worldwide television. After 58 years, he himself gave the first concert online on the Internet in the world.
  • If you make ice cubes with fresh water will be white. And if you make up with boiled water will be transparent.
  • Animals avoid power lines because they are afraid of the rash recurring of the ultraviolet rays, which are invisible to the human eye. By the way, of all the world’s mammals, only humans and monkeys are insensitive to ultraviolet light.
  • Charles Darwin was the first person who decided to put wheels on the legs of your chair to move around faster in the office.

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