30 Reasons why cats Sphynx are great and very amazing

Cats Sphynx (also called egyptian cat) have a unique look and great. One would think that his country of origin must be a warm place, but that is actually incorrect. Andthis cat is originally from Canada, while another race known as the donskoy sphynx comes from Russia.

Have a personality, fun and look great, which makes them look like small aliens that you can have in your own home.

In Great.guru we love these cats, and for this reason we compiled this selection to show you how beautiful they are in their own way. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article, which contains some interesting facts about them.

1. My precious treasure…

2. They seem beings of another planet

3. They can do yoga

4. “You say you see me, a human, look at me”

5. “What personal space? What is that?”

6. “It was a mouse so big, I’m not kidding”

7. “Don’t move, human,”

8. “I think that I will be well”

9. “The first thing I see when I wake up:”

10. Has No shame…

11. Those eyes melt my heart

12. “I can do it”

13. Warm and cozy

14. They love taking baths

15. A relaxing bath does them very well

16. Know all about the fashion

17. Well, most of the times…

18. This is the hand of cat Sphynx, and it’s just creepy

19. “Just wait, human, revenge is a dish best served cold”

20. This guy is a pro at climbing stairs

21. Buy yourself a cat, they said. They are beautiful and fluffy, they said…

22. This cat found an egg and sat atop it for 50 days. Then, a little duckling was born from him. It friends forever!

23. So you see the absolute unity

24. The “Devil” dressed in the fashion

25. I think that these subjects are up to something

26. Maybe you don’t like the pink

27. Oh, heavens…

28. Looks very comfortable…

29. Oh that pose!

30. Well, that is really weird!


In addition, we want to tell you some interesting facts about these amazing creatures feline.

  • The egyptian cat networks, between their fingers, while the sphynx canadian, not.
  • Cats sphynx have a faster metabolism than other cats, so they need more food than the rest.
  • Your body is approximately 4 °C warmer than most other cats.
  • In reality, they are not completely lampiños. Are covered with a very thin layer of lint that feel when you play.
  • Unfortunately, there are completely hypo-allergenic. If you are allergic to the skin of a cat, you could be right with the sphynx, but if the problem comes from Fel d 1, which is an allergenic protein in the saliva of the cat, you should consider having another type of pet.
  • They are not very good to regulate the temperature of your body, which means they can overheat or get cold very easily.
  • If your cat likes to lie down under the sun light, consider putting on sunscreen. Your skin is very sensitive, and if you don’t have a coat to protect you could be burned.

Do you like these cats? Do you have one? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

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