34 rare Photos that will make you say: “do Not invent!”

To take a photo amazing, it does not necessarily have to be a photographer talented. It is enough to be in the right place at the right time, to take a picture that you can play with the imagination and make thousands of Internet users talk about it and share it with your friends.

Great.guru brought together 34 photos that will convince you that our world is full of surprises.

Crocodile albino

The birth of a tornado

This grandmother invites you to take a milk bath under your supervision

A strip view from below

A brood of crab

A banana forgotten in the kitchen

“My wife opened the washing machine full of towels and saw this”

A forest is a perfect way

A fish adult called “the shark guy”

A crystal geode

A dump of old bicycles in China

A game of soccer during a snow storm, strong

“I shook the little box with toothpicks, and these were placed in a perfect way”

Alpacas with haircuts

One leg of the cat with the macro lens

A costume of the rings of beer cans

Failed attempt of transportation

This grape’s small is more like a small pumpkin

Forest in the form of a guitar

That’s not what I expected

A huge rock destroyed a ranch Italian

An intersection in Timisoara, Romania

The friendship between a boy and a stripe

A pepper pregnant

A bulb that gives pity to discard

This granny good vibes stopped to ask the way

Banana tree

“I took a photo of my daughter walking through a drain pipe and lighting created the feeling of the effect of a bad Photoshop”

This kitten has fangs double

A termite hill giant

This spider seems to come out of a movie

Alive leaves

This kitten is warming up the rear

Up of a gavial

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