4 Mistakes you’re making when you buy clothes that make your clothes not fit you well

How often you have made a mistake with the size of your clothes? Surely more than once, especially when it comes to buying Online. But the clothing that remained to us of the ideal size, more than once is also small or big after washing. However, knowing a few rules, you can buy a pair of jeans or a sweater that will sit perfect easily.

Great.guru has prepared for you the instructions of how to take the measures correctly, what size to choose and what to pay attention during shopping to avoid errors.

1. We take wrong measures

  1. Circumference of the hip. The best way to take measurements of the circumference of the hips is to stand sideways in front of a mirror. Given that for this move there is that to fix the measuring tape at the fullest part of the buttocks, the mirror will help you not to make any mistakes.
  2. Circumference of the waist. To measure the circumference of your waist, place the tape on the narrowest part of the abdomen, without taping it to the body.
  3. Circumference of the chest. To measure the chest circumference, place the tape so that it is in the highlights of the breasts and the shoulder blades. In the back, it should be at a higher point than in the chest.
  4. Circumference of the neck (usually used to determine the size of the shirts of the men). Place the tape at the neck in such a way that passes through the seventh cervical vertebra and the base of the neck, and ends in the area of the fossa jugular.

After taking the measurements, compare your result with the table, and choose the right size.

  • INT — international size
  • EU — european size
  • US — size north american

2. We don’t pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer

When you purchase clothes on the Internet, keep in mind that the size charts of different manufacturers may differ from each other. Almost all sites have their own tables that indicate parameters related to a particular size, and that they should serve as orientation to choose from.

3. When choosing the size, do not take into account the particularity of the fabric

So that the clothing does not become unexpectedly large, or a little after washing, look at the fabric it is made of: cotton and wool is “compressed” after washing, and the garments made of knitted fabrics or synthetic fibers, by contrast, are stretched. In addition, make sure to take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations for the care of the garment, for to do so, pay attention to the icons on the labels.

What things do you need to buy a size larger?

  • Sweaters and wool sweaters. In the first place, things adjusted shelter a lot less than the loose. In the second place, it is very likely that, after washing, the fibers of the wool will shrink and the clothes become smaller. By the way, to avoid shrinkage of clothes after washing, should be dried in a position strictly horizontal, and placed them on towels to dry.
  • T-shirts, shirts, underwear, and other garments, of cotton. After washing, the cotton tends to shrink a lot, that’s why we must not buy garments of this material the right size. But if in the composition of the product there is elastane, you can guide by your size and always.
  • Shirts and blouses with a collar. To prove this type of clothing, pay attention to the force with which the neck fits to the body. If there is a space between the neck and the fabric, it is best to look for a larger model, otherwise, there is the risk that after washing, the neck literally will choke.

What things do you need to buy a smaller size?

  • Articles point. No matter what yarn was used to make the tissue of point: these products will stretch in any case. So it is better to buy this kind of garments of one or half a size less, otherwise, at the end of the first day of use, the sleeves will be longer than necessary.
  • Jeans. Despite the fact that the jeans are made of cotton, the peculiarity of the tissue of the fibers of this fabric is such that the products of denim increases in size already after the first use. The exception are the jeans that have built-in tissue elastic fibers special: this kind of jeans virtually no increase in size.
  • Garments of polyester. The clothes made out of this synthetic fabric has the property of stretching, especially in the lower part of the product, on the sleeves and around the neck. The problem can be solved by purchasing a garment a little smaller.

4. We determine the wrong size of shoes

If you need to buy shoes at an online store, measure the length of your foot from the heel to the tip of the longest finger. Make sure to take the measure both feet, because, in most people, the length of the left foot is different to that of the right, and choose the shoes of larger measurement.

Another parameter that you must consider when choosing shoes is the volume of the foot. To determine this, you must measure the circumference of the foot at the widest part. There are european systems, americans and russians to determine the volume of the shoes. The shoes americans are labeled in a very simple way: N — floor standing normal, M — medium, W — wide.

What do you usually have difficulties to choose the size of your clothes?

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