4 Principles of parenting, which allowed Rockefeller to maintain and increase your wealth

For a century and a half, John Rockefeller got his first $ 5. Spent several decades and became the first multi-millionaire, king of the dollars, of the world. Their descendants not only spared no heritage of its famous ancestor, but that they managed to multiply it. Today, the family has more than 500 descendants of the first billionaire in the history.

One of the representatives most “notable” of the Rockefeller of our time is David Jr., whom he shared the principles that guide this wealthy family to continue to maintain its well-being.

Great.guru brings you today some of these simple rules, but, as you can see, fully functional.

1. Family meetings periodic

The Rockefellers hold family reunions on a regular basis. To keep a warm relationship between all the members of this huge family, who live in different countries, it is not at all easy, but despite this, they try to meet. “Often, more than 100 members of the family are together in the same room, for example, at the Christmas dinner,” noted David Jr. Rockefeller.

Also, in the family there is the tradition of celebrating the so-called forums in which they participate, all family members 21 years or older to debate important topics including business and charity. In the image above, you can see the Rockefellers during a meeting in 2008. In the center, was the then head of the family, David Rockefeller.

2. Family values

Another important factor is the search for the preservation of the family history. The Rockefeller saved carefully important documents, letters and memorabilia. For this, they have a special file. The estates of the family are also protected. David Rockefeller notes that the landmarks are very important: “I return to the place where lived my great-grandfather more than 100 years ago, and see how he lived himself, and his children and grandchildren.”

3. How a family business? For nothing

The third important factor of success of the children Rockefeller is defined as the absence of the phenomenon of being a family business. In 1911, the U.S. government demanded to divide the petroleum monopoly into smaller companies. In addition, the children and grandchildren of John Rockefeller never tried to follow their steps, because that would have been easy: one became an economist, another a politician, and some were devoted to the fund-raiser.

4. Charity

According To David Rockefeller, Jr., the key factor in the success of the family lies in the participation of children in charitable activities and works of charity. From infancy, children are taught the importance of philanthropy and the love for the people. David himself made his first donation when he was just 10 years old.

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