4 Types of buttocks and female effective exercises for each one of them

There are two types of women: those that care about your breast and that you are concerned about your rear. The big brakes are so much longed for from the heart and hard working in the gym, but doing the right exercises is essential to achieve the goal.

Great.guru wants to help you on your way to a body with the butt of envy, and here are 3 exercises that are not as difficult to make for each form of rear.

There are 4 main types of buttocks female: square, round, heart shaped and in the form of a V. The Dr. Jane Leonard, general practitioner and professional of the aesthetics, explains how each one of them is different, and what that means for you.

1. Square shape

If you have the buttocks in square shape, fat is distributed around the upper part of the buttocks and the lower part is heavier. It is for this reason that the glutes should be strengthened and take into account a low-fat diet. This can also mean that you are resistant to stress and have an immune system stable.

Leg lifts

Lie down on your side, stretch out in a straight line and don’t put your legs forward out of this line. Lift the top leg until it is in vertical position and keep the fingers flexed. Do 10 lifts with each leg.

The movement of climbing stairs

Choose a high platform, making sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle when the double. If you don’t have anything like this, he finds a ladder and uses the second step to perform this exercise. Place the left foot on the platform and pressing in the heel (this is crucial), lift and tap the platform with the toes of your right foot. Concentrates all your weight on the leg on the step. To add more intensity, you can sustain some additional weights in your hands or jumping when you put your foot back on the floor (or both).

Squat with jump at the end

The squat classic the can with a twist to make them more difficult. When you come out of your squat position, make a serious effort to jump. Your heels should be when you’re at the highest point.

2. Round shape

Men usually say that this kind of figure them attracts more because of the body proportions are “right”, but does not exclusively depend on them to decide. In addition, it is said that women with this form of pelvis find it easier to give birth.

With this form, the fat is stored in the upper part of the gluteal muscles and not on the sides, as the square shape.

Squat sumo

Separate the legs and positioned the toes at an angle of 45 degrees. Stand in a squatting position until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees are out to the sides and not move beyond the toes of the feet (otherwise, this position will exert too much pressure on them).


This common exercise can have a huge impact on your glutes. Lie on your back, place your legs a little further apart than the width of your hips. Lift the pelvis and take a pause in the raised position for a minute (or during all the time you can in the beginning, increasing the time each day). To make it more difficult, you can put a weight of 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms on your pelvis.

Squat Bulgarian

Take a dumbbell of 2 to 4 kilos in each hand, carries a back leg and supports the foot in a bank or in any type of support. Moves the weight towards the front leg and squat, keeping back straight. Do 15 squats with each leg.

3. The shape of a heart

A butt is a heart shape is a characteristic of a body in the form of an hourglass, is also a very desired. It is the most complete on the bottom and more narrow near the waist.

The bad news lies in the fact that it is highly likely that the muscles of the buttocks in this way begin to sag as you get older. Then, you need to work it consistently.

Exercise with dumbbells and side bends

Standing, place the feet a little wider than shoulders and hold a dumbbell of 2 to 4 kilos in each hand. Bends to the left and then to the right, raising the opposite arm with each curve.

Lunges explosive

Stand with the feet together and keep your hands together in front of you, bent at the elbows. Jump forward, then jump and change legs when you jump and land on the floor with the other leg in a lunge forward. When you fall to the floor, do it with both feet. Be sure to keep your hands in front of your chin, squeezing your entire body.


Put yourself in a position of the table, placing the hands right underneath the shoulders and feet together on the floor. It carries the weight in your arms, it begins to “run” or to “go up”, the faster, the better. Alternatively, pull the legs towards the chest and then returns to the original position. In the end, if you still have energy, take a break in the position table.

4. Form V

The hormone estrogen and its levels are partly responsible for this. The estrogen begins to decrease after the menopause and causes the storage of fat move to other parts of the body, especially the waist. Your back may begin to lose volume as a result, but lift them again is not so difficult.

Squats deep

Stand in front of a large mirror to be able to do this exercise properly. Stand in front of the mirror that you have, but from the side. Put the legs to a little less than the width of the hips. Squat as if you’re trying to sit in a chair behind you. Keep the shins straight, knees stable and your back straight.

Lunges on the move

If you don’t have a large room or a hallway, this exercise is easier to perform in the outdoors, where you can find a long way. Take steps widths abalanzándote as low as possible with the pelvis. Then, get up slowly from this position and takes the next big step. Continue to repeat this exercise and for an additional challenge, hold a weight or a dumbbell in each hand.

Squat pop

Place the legs apart, farther apart than the width of your shoulders. Begins to put you in squat and jumps (not too high). As you come out of your squat position, touch the floor with one hand (changing by hand every time) when you are down. In addition, make sure not to hold your breath.

Jim Rohn said: “take Care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.” We believe that everyone should take care of their bodies, be in shape, healthy and having knowledge about how to improve your physical condition, if they so wish. For more exercises and points of view, take a look at How to give shape to your rear.

What form of rear do you have? Please share how you managed to change your shape and improve, if you got it!

Ekaterina Gapanovich for Great.guru

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