5 Acts crazy of the celebrities who are hard to believe

The famous are like us: sometimes they are funny, others adventurous, sad, or strange. Give away millions in the streets, dancing with penguins or are they going to live in a trash can, leaving everything behind. Their actions, perhaps, they’ll force us to ask ourselves a question: what if I do what I want instead of what I should?

Great.guru you account on the antics unpredictable of famous people who live without regard to the opinions of others.

Barbra Streisand cloned his dead dog

Barbra Streisand cloned his dead dog, Sammy (of a rare breed: Coton de Tulear), who lived with her for 14 years and “it was like his son.” Now the actress has 3 pets: 2 clones of Sammy — Scarlett and Violet -and the other bitch called Miss Fanny. The canes are very similar, but Barbra says that their characters are completely different. To create a puppy cloned, you need a bitch that plays the role of a surrogate mother, and the cost of the service is 50-100 billion USD.

The rapper Drake gave to the passers-by USD 1 million in cash

During the filming of the video for the song “God’s Plan” in Miami, the rapper canadian Drake gave some passers-by almost 1 million USD. The singer would buy goods to the people, gave away toys to the kids, cars, teenagers, and made a donation to the school and to the department of fire protection of the place. The remaining money donated to needy families. The artist himself said that this music video is the most important thing he did in his career.

The president of 20th Century Fox, Scott Neeson, he sold all his goods and moved to Cambodia to help the children

Before, Scott Neeson was the president of a movie studio 20th Century Fox, and one of the most influential people and rich of Hollywood. But a trip to Cambodia changed his whole life. Found a municipal dump where children live on the street, collecting garbage so as not to die of hunger. After seeing that, he decided to dedicate his life to help those children: he founded a fund that provides them with education, housing and medical treatment. Currently, Scott lives in Cambodia since 10 years ago, and no regrets for having lost his old luxurious life.

The actor David Harbour, sheriff of “Stranger Things,” he danced with penguins in Antarctica

The actor David Harbour, who played the role of Sheriff Hopper in the series “Stranger Things”, he asked in the twitter of the organization “Greenpeace” how many retweets he needed to go to Antarctica and dance with penguins. They responded that 200 thousand would be sufficient. The next day, he asked his followers to help him: “the Internet, listen… I’m used to give and give. But now I need you. Do I need 200 thousand retweets to dance with penguins. Please, retweetea this message.”. Harbour managed to get the required number in just 5 hours, and in total, your posting was retwiteado more than 385 thousand times. At the end of February, the dream of the “sheriff” became a reality. The video can be seen here.

A millionaire hid a treasure that anyone can find

A former art dealer and collector, millionaire, 87 years of age, Forrest Fenn, hid in the rocky mountains of Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) an old treasure chest with a treasure consisting of antiques, jewelry and gold bullion that cost several million dollars (value that increases constantly). Announced that anyone who can decipher their clues you can find it, and left in an autobiographical book and a poem written by him. Thousands of people are dedicated to trying to put the puzzle together, but until now nobody has managed to find the answer, even 4 people have been killed in the process of finding that treasure. Fenn said that he would return for him when his value go up to USD 10 million. Well, maybe take the mystery out of the tomb.

What actions of these famous people you surprised most?

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