5 Qualities that will be very useful when you’re a father

Becoming a parent is, first of all, be happy. And in the second place, to be happy also. One wants to make it in the best possible way for the child to feel well, the house is kept clean and parents happy. But it is not always possible to bring these plans to reality because the child tends to have a different opinion on every matter. In addition, all around you, suddenly, you become very experienced and intelligent in the matter, competing between them and giving you advice on how to act with the small.

Great.guru tells you the 5 essential qualities to survive to this stage so happy, but at the same time complicated: the childhood of your children.


The children are able to take any of their boxes and, in certain cases, you have to remain strong and not succumb. You can manipulate, not with bad intentions, but this is the easiest way to get what you want. Require attention, do not know how to do many things and the parents end up making them for them to save time. But this way the child will not learn anything. Therefore, patience is the best virtue in these cases.

Sense of humor

The sense of humor is a great parachute. Thanks to him, it is easier to fall from the top of your adult consciousness. And for sure you’ll have that to fall on more than one occasion. When you not paying attention for a second and your toddler has already been removed the socks and has been rinsed in your cup of coffee for the morning, you have to drop a few laughs. Of course, it is worthwhile to pay attention to psychologists and try to get down to the same level as your little one. But, it’s true, the socks in the coffee are perceived with greater calm if queen in the environment sense of humor.

Selfishness healthy

When a child is born, you don’t stop being human: sometimes you get tired. Many women, in search of the motherhood ideal end up forgetting about themselves as people to become the servants most loyal to the little king. And this always ends badly for all.

There is nothing wrong in leaving the baby with grandma for breakfast in silence. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are distracted by small toys and enjoy a cup of tea with chocolates, instead of running to clean the entire house so that it looks pristine. Nor do you need to sterilize everything around her, and in the end, our children do not grow up in unhealthy conditions.

Pessimism healthy

Embarking on a long trip, get ready for your child to pour something on top, falling, staining, bite the neighbor’s dog, or eat a few seedlings in the garden. And the time may not encourage for a good part of your vacation. If all of that doesn’t happen, good. But if it happens, it will be more nice to be prepared instead of being all day without leaving, or to buy necessary things at a hefty price.

Indifference to the opinion of others

If you’re worried about what people think or say about you, or your child, stop and think: are you sure you know how to educate properly? What are them ideal people, worthy of being imitated? What the grandmothers, neighbors and friends have a doctorate in pedagogy or experience colossal in this matter? Of course, not. Then, simply, make flourish an expression on your face that prevents them from talking about the upbringing of your children. Or, you accept all your proposals and do not argue. You do not have to put them into practice. I know happy.

Illustrator Igor Polushin for Great.guru

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