5 Myths about the ecology that we have to stop believing to build a better world

From childhood we are confident that we are not respectful with the environment. The planet is experiencing an ecological crisis and to help you it is necessary to use paper bags instead of plastic ones, as well as avoid deforestation.

In Great.guru , we discovered that certain statements with the label of “ecological” turn out to be a myth and, in addition, we find out how it lied to us in the classes of biology and geography.

1. The forests are the lungs of the planet

Forests contribute to the Earth the same amount of oxygen they consume. Are the best for protecting the soil from erosion and purify the air.

The oxygen in large amounts is produced by bacteria and single-celled organisms that live in seas and oceans. These can be categorised as the lungs of the planet.

Truth: forests, due to their functions, they are closest to the functioning of the liver and kidneys in the human body.

2. Natural ecosystems, lack of waste

You can talk about nature as the great self-regulating, but not all of it is reused. If it were so, it would have formed the substrates. The coal, oil, shale, and marble are a “waste” of the biospheres earlier, a kind of garbage dump, nature has already generated spontaneously.

Truth: ecosystems are home to waste, but your “garbage” is buried in such a way that it does not cause any adverse impact on the environment in their future phases of development. Unless, of course, humans interfere.

3. The cause of the ecological disasters is the human intervention

For example, the destruction of the ozone layer that protects us, and the causes of global warming, including volcanic activity, as well as the lack of ultraviolet radiation during the cold season of the year.

Truth: sometimes the environment leads to its own disasters. But, unfortunately, the corrupting influence of men on her state is much more noticeable and powerful.

4. The paper and the biodegradable plastic are more eco friendly than plastic

Many think that a paper bag is more environment-friendly because it breaks down faster than one made of plastic. But nobody has stopped to think about how the production of cardboard and paper affects the nature: this pollutes the water and is also responsible for the deforestation.

The biodegradable plastic, which now boast some of the giants of the food, it is of plant origin, which really breaks down relatively quickly. But this decomposition requires an enclave with special conditions, and is not carried out in landfills, where they end up most of these bags.

Truth: all types of packaging harm the environment. Therefore, whatever the bag and the type of plastic you choose in your daily life, reutilízalos and then deposítalos in the places provided for their recycling.

5. We are living in the first ecological crisis of the Earth

The first ecological crisis occurred about 50 thousand years ago, when the first humans exhausted Earth’s resources. Then, to overcome the shortage of food, they came up with the idea of burning the soil to renew the ecosystem. But these crises, with pauses of several thousands of years, arose again, and humanity, experiencing, invented agriculture and animal husbandry, until they came to the industrial revolution.

Truth: throughout human existence, there have been several environmental crises. But mastering the technology to overcome them, the man has led to new ecological disasters. And each time on a larger scale.

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