5 Newly Announced Games That Could Be Amazing

5 Newly Announced Games That Could Be Amazing - No Survey No Passwords Free Download


5 Newly Announced Games That Could Be Amazing

Not all the biggest announcements this summer came during E3. Publishers had some huge news to talk about this past week in Perfume, Germany. These games could come to be some of the best connected with 2015 or beyond.

Here include the games revealed at Gamescom 2014 that truly caught our attention to 5 Newly Announced Games. We've included the confirmed platforms and release window for each and every game as well. The initiatives are early in development, though, so this information could adjust.
The Silent Hill franchise has been doing a sorry state for the past few years. Several studios have tried and never hit the high notes in which Silent Hill reached in its early games. Konami's determined in order to resurrect the franchise, though, so they've handed off the next game to their finest studio: Kojima Productions.

They've furthermore enlisted some extra star power for Silent Hills. Hideo Kojima is going to be collaborating with Hellboy and Off-shore Rim Guillermo del Toro in crafting the experience. The main character is played by Norman Reedus, best known as Daryl in The Walking Dead Television show.

On paper, Silent Hills appears great. They've got skilled developers, A-level talent from Hollywood, as well as the striking Fox Engine from Precious metal Gear Solid 5. This won't necessarily result in a great game. However, Hushed Hills has some serious probable.

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