5 productions biographical that everyone should see

The impact of the movies and series biographical is inevitable, and this is due to that the stories that are given to know, are characters impressive that in some way, have left their mark forever in the world and will continue to be talking about them for several years.

One of the current cases that serve to exemplify the above, it is the series of the life of the singer Luis Miguel, who has been to half of Mexico, distraught after the end of each chapter, as in they show the obstacles they have faced, both personal and professional levels, giving a glimpse of the glamour and fame are not the equivalent to happiness.

Luis Miguel breaks record on Spotify, thanks to “Guilty”or “no”

In addition to the clear situation that you have with your mother, Marcela Basteri, which disappears from one moment to another, provoking big questions such as why was it like? where was all this time?, how this fact is being invented and dramatized?, we need answers, but as we know that is not the we will get soon, we will have to entertain ourselves with so many other stories.

For this same reason, it is drafted five series and movies that will provide entertainment and will give you a broader perspective of how they have been the voyages of those who today are considered influential personalities.

The Crown

The series is created and written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank, is one of the largest productions of Netflix and how I was not going to be with the enormous quality that has its production, both in the script as in the costumes and the locations where the story unfolds, which revolves around the british monarchy and the internal and external problems that they faced every day since King George VI died and Queen Elizabeth ll deal with your position.

If yours are the political conflicts and family drama, this series, which just has two seasons available, is for you.


Out of the mind of the creators Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, this is another original series that has the platform of Netflix that has caused great impact on the public, because it speaks of the life of Pablo Escobar, the famous drug trafficker that caused a tremendous conflict in his native Colombia, where he had a long and hard struggle against the Administration for Drug Control (DEA) and the colombian authorities, in addition to the conflict in which he entered with the other signs the drug that were installed in Medellin.

The success of ‘Narcos’ may be due to the exposure of different points of view that are shown as are the police, political, judicial and the same-Escobar; and that they serve to broaden the spectrum with which the viewer looks at the plot, giving a good flavor of mouth.


The movie directed by Michael Mann, explores the life of iconic boxer Mohammed Ali, whose real name was Cassius Clay, with the interpretation of the actor Will Smith, who gets under the skin of a fighter to show the controversial life that he had, showing the two faces that he had: the man and the champion.

In this way it is as it relates to obtaining the longed for title of heavy weight champ, his conversion to Islam, the opposition they had before their participation in the Vietnam War, and the problem that this caused with the american government , the stance they took when they killed Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. and more; so if you need a boost to continue with your way, ‘Ali’ is the solution.

The theory of everything

The film, which was released in 2014 and was directed by James Marsh, won a well deserved Oscar for ‘Best Actor’ after the interpretation that he gave Eddie Redmayne as the physicist Stephen Hawking, who despite having a life full of obstacles, was able to overcome them with optimism is tremendous.

It narrates the love story he had with his ex-wife, Jane Wilde, and subsequently, the way in which he fell in love with Elaine Mason; in the same way is portrayed the way he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease with which he lived for almost 50 years, but not defeated in any second, which gives a message very positive and inspiring for all those people who think that they can’t with the bad situations that are presented to them.

Steve Jobs

Without a doubt, Steve Jobs was one of the most important characters of the TWENTIETH century, since their participation in the development of large electronic devices was paramount, so the creation of a film about him was fairly obvious; just by this the director Danny Boyle made a tape that described the way that was called the genius, and the way in which he became one of the fathers of the technological revolution of today.

Of the hand of the actor Michael Fassbender, is as it premiered in the 2016 feature film, it manages to give a version faithful to Jobs, their ideology and inventive, as well as the personal problems he had with the recognition of his daughter; in a few words, it’s an adventure that all entrepreneurs should take into account.

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