5 Rules you should follow while choosing accessories for your outfit

The modern followers of fashion have too many problems: not only do they crave to buy all the accessories at the same time, but you also have to learn to combine them properly. What about you how do you do to not get lost in this diversity of colors and models?

Great.guru tells you how it is easy, simple, and harmonious to create sets of accessories. You will see that after this article, you, yourself, without problems you’ll be able to give consultations to your friends. How can we prove this?

1. Do not be exaggerated

Even if you like both, it is not worth to get all the accessories at the same time. Especially if it is large fittings and eye-catching: necklaces, massive earrings and big rings with huge stones. It is better to choose one thing, so your look will look rather elegant.

If you find it hard to resist the temptation of some flashy accessories, then it is advisable to make the case to the rule of the maximum distance. So you can make a successful combination of some large fixtures, for example, earrings and bracelet or earrings and ring.

2. Be careful when choosing the necklaces

The large collars easily turn a young girl into a woman of great age, that is why it is important to pay attention to its size. Of course, it all depends on tastes, but anyway some accessories with necklaces too large will be well in the decoration of the Christmas tree and not in someone’s neck.

If you choose the necklaces of natural pearls, remember the following rule: the large pearls are appropriate for the ladies older. For the girls it is recommended that you choose accessories pearl small river. Also you will see a long necklace and thin “imitation pearl” that will combine with a multitude of dresses.

And, by the way, in regards to the natural stones: in the girls, such accessories are pretty extravagant and artificial, but the ladies older they will perfect and highlight its elegance.

3. Combines accessories the right way

Sometimes it is difficult to combine the accessories for a particular look, in addition, the jeweler can have items of different textures and materials. The complications most great along with the choice of clothing and makeup cause the accessories of complicated geometric shapes, they do not look right on all women, there are also know to combine such accessories in the right way.

Why do you want to be difficult? If problems occur with the choice of your accessories, it is better to bet on the minimalism. Arm-shields, thin rings and earrings concise for necklaces and then simply merge among themselves, so it will be almost impossible to make any mistakes. A nice bonus: such accessories are suitable for absolutely any style, in addition they are now on the top of fashion.

4. Not afraid to combine gold and silver

Previously, the people in charge of the image were in agreement that the combination of accessories of gold and silver was not possible under any circumstances. After, the houses of jewelry began to produce rings and bracelets, which were combined these precious metals, and from this time the opinion changed completely.

In everything have a limit and taste: if you want to get at the same time accessories of different metals think as to combine them the right way. It is better to choose accessories with the same style, shape and texture. It will be easier to choose a set of accessories of the same type: for example, only rings or only bracelets. You can use a “link” which is an article, in which there is an element of both gold and silver. Here, again, will help you minimalism, this style is easier to avoid failures.

5. The accessories should not interfere with the look

When choosing accessories, you have to rely upon the details of your wardrobe and your look in general. If you’re going to go to the office or to a business meeting, to the extent possible, it is best to abstain from the accessories in the form of little hearts, blossoms or stars. And, again, here occurs the question about the taste, but even such accessories have their reason to be in the wardrobe of every girl, especially if you know how to combine them, for example, with a light summer dress. For older women it is best to avoid these flirty details.

However, this does not mean that in the office you have to go only with cadenitas modest and rings. If your dress code allows it, you can add bright accents to your look: for example, with the wardrobe of businesses, large chains and necklaces combine very well.

What about you in what you rely to choose the accessories? Share your secrets in the comments.

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