5 signs of fatigue behind the wheel that should not be overlooked: you can cost the life

According to the National Sleep Foundation, between 10 and 30 percent of all traffic accidents happen because of drivers who experience drowsiness or fall asleep at the wheel. This assessment is based on that a person is not able to distinguish your fatigue usual in that state, which already has practically fallen in the dream.

Great.guru explains today 5 symptoms that show that you’re about to fall asleep while driving and the same amount of tricks that will help you to avoid a state of drowsiness when you take long trips.

5. The effect of the eyelids heavy

  • Each time you find it more difficult to open the eyes, you begin to perceive the moment of blinking. This process, in a normal situation, happens so fast that we don’t realize that happens. But if this symptom is manifested driving, is an indication that there is a disconnection gradual with your brain. Therefore, it becomes necessary, as soon as possible, leave the road and rest.

4. The view you plays a bad pass

  • The objects that you see, as you approach, they become something else or disappear completely. This means that the brain does not have enough time to process the information and is already practically at the limit between dream and reality.

3. Difficulty focusing

  • The vision does not have time to adapt, so that it becomes difficult to not only see, but also memorize the indicators on the dashboard, and the road seems ever the more blurred before your eyes.

2. Loss of clarity in thinking

  • The brain seems as if it refuses to strive to maintain a conversation or to finish an idea that has already begun. Passengers may check that state in the driver asking you some questions, whose answers require reflection. For example: “how Much time do we have left to get to city X?” Or: “Where would you like to spend your summer vacation?” The answers monosílabas cited in brackets a clear fatigue.

1. It decreases the level of attention

How several times have you committed minor offences in breach of traffic rules, you missed the exit or don’t remember the last sign you saw? It is time to stop. Even if you think that you can drive another hundred kilometres.

If you notice, at least one of these symptoms, you need to a break immediately. To avoid this situation, the truck drivers and experienced drivers are advised to follow the following recommendations:

  • Dance! Although, of course, that you should not do this driving. Makes stops every 1.5-2 hours, down from the car and stretched a bit the body. It is at that moment when you can dance. All of this “move your blood”, will improve circulation and you will feel more alive and smart.
  • To have on hand oranges, and say no to fast food. The smell of citrus fruits have a stimulating effect. But fatty foods, on the contrary, they trigger more tiredness in the body and promote greater sleepiness.
  • Listen to music that will fill you with energy. The soul and jazz better than to leave it to the nights in family next to the fireplace. To drive during the trip, go with a playlist with your “songs to drive” favorite.
  • Don’t let the passengers sleep. When silence invades the car, the probability that the driver is sleep increases significantly. Debate on interesting topics, speaking on the mobile device more amazing of the universe, or enjoy word games.
  • Make your brain work. Try to do calculations with your mind, type “46 + 54”, or reminds some points of the multiplication table; this is a kind of test to know whether or not you have fatigue. If the brain begins to become lazy, without a doubt, the time has come to stop and sleep for at least 20 minutes.

Illustrator Mariya Zavolokina for Great.guru

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