5 tricks to master your Chromecast

The Chromecast is one of the devices that are more successful in Google, not only for its price, but by the functions which it gives to our devices, since with a Chromecast video you can convert any screen into a Smart TV, while the Chromecast audio will have to do the same, but with audio equipment, that is to say, you’ll have a speaker intelligent.

In Mexico and other markets in the world to officially sell the Chromecast of audio and video, and if you already have one, here are 5 simple tricks that you can learn to master your Chromecast.

Before continuing, it is important that your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network of your phone, in addition to that to configure it and make a profit from it it is necessary to download the app from Google Home available without cost for Android and iOS.

Discover apps compatible with Google Cast

Google Cast is the technology that allows applications to transmit the content from one device to another, for example, from your phone to your screen, however, not all apps are compatible with Google Cast.

Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, HBO GO and many other apps popular, focused on the reproduction of multimedia content are compatible with Google Cast, but if you want to know what are the apps that you have installed on your phone that are compatible with your Chromecast, as well as those that you can install, follow these steps.

  • In the application of Google Home you will find a tab that says “Discover”, here you will see a list of recommended apps compatible with Google Cast
  • If you want to see more options available, you can also do this from the Play Store, simply go to the Applications tab > Categories > Google Cast. Here you can see the sections all the apps compatible with your Chromecast.

  • Finally, if you want to know what apps you already have installed on your phone work with Google Cast, we then go to the tab “Browse”, and then we make scroll until you find the section “Your services”.

Remember that to connect the app with your Chromecast icon will appear a screen with a WiFi signal, you only have to click the button and select your Chromecast.

Amazon will sell the Google Chromecast and Apple TV

Transmits a tab or screen of Google Chrome to your Chromecast

Google Chrome is also compatible with Google Cast, and you can send the entire screen of Chrome to your television set, or only one tab, this way you will be able to continue holding your computer for other tasks while playing some of the content on your screen.

To make this process follow the following steps:

  • Press the three vertical dots in the upper right of the screen, and then we’re going to the option “Send”

  • We select what we want to send to the Chromecast, that is to say, entire desktop or only one tab.

  • Select the Chromecast and you’re done.

Transmits the screen or the audio of your smartphone

If the application is not compatible with Google Cast, you can also stream the screen or the audio of your Android phone in a simple way. The only thing you have to do is select the option in the menu that says “Transmit the display or the audio”, then select your Chromecast and you’re done.

Some apps may present some problems, for example, Amazon Prime Video only plays the audio and not the picture.

Get exclusive offers

Google normally treats its users of Chromecast with some interesting offers, for example, you can get a free subscription for a few months to YouTube Music, or well, some of the benefits in other applications with Google Cast.

To see your available offers you must enter the side menu, and select the option of “Offers”. Remember that some offers are temporary, but if not the advantage, they could go back in the future.

You can already see videos of Facebook on your Chromecast, and Apple TV

Guest mode

If you want someone else to be able to control the playback of your Chromecast without having to connect to your WiFi network, then activate the guest mode, the only requirement is that it must be in the same room where it is connected to your Chromecast.

To activate the guest Mode need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the side Menu and go to the option of “Devices”
  • Select the three vertical dots of your Chromecast and tap “guest Mode”
  • Select this option and confirm that the phone in the room sees the same numbers that appear on your screen.
  • Ready, now you’ll be able to invite other users to use your Chromecast.

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