5,000 categories of ads will be removed from Facebook to prevent discrimination

As part of the changes that Facebook is making to its social network to be inclusive and free of prejudice, will be removed more than 5,000 ad tags that can be used to propagate the discrimination.

This decision was made after the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD, for its acronym in English) of the united States a lawsuit filed against the platform, where they are accused of helping sellers of homes, violate the fair Housing Act.

This came about after it was considered that the advertisements of Facebook, it does not take into account the law at the time that they leave the decisions to offer the house or hire someone, based on the characteristics of a certain sector of the population.

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Through the declaration that gave the assistant secretary of fair Housing and Equal Opportunities, Anna Maria Farias, explained how the social network helps advertisers to discriminate:

“When Facebook uses the large amount of personal data that it collects to help advertisers to discriminate, is the same as closing the door to someone.”

For this reason, it’s removed thousands of tags guidance so that the advertisers do not misuse them, which means that titles such as “native american culture”, “islamic culture” and “buddhism” or a few more that make reference to race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and religion, will no longer exist within the platform.

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To publicize this new implementation and the way in which now will run the ads, Facebook posted a publication on its official blog:

“We want to help educate sellers on their obligations under our policies. For more than a year, we have requested advertisers that offer ads for housing, employment or credit that certify the compliance of our non-discrimination policy. In the next few weeks, this new certification will be launched gradually to the advertisers of EE. UU. through our tool ad Manager”.

Therefore, the sellers shall complete such certification to continue to meet your different ads on the social network and prevent that discrimination continues to be conducted.

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