6 apps that every woman should have on your smartphone

The development of applications for smartphones has facilitated some of the tasks that are carried out daily, especially because sometimes you don’t have the time available to pay attention to all of them, so you could say that they are essential for all people, but especially for the women that require to have the head in several places at the same time.

This previous happens because the situations are put together: the workplace, the office hours, the stress, social commitments, children, etc and hence, it becomes impossible for women to agree on everything; so that there is apps that help you cope with these facts, it is greatly appreciated.

To control important actions women must be very specific, and many others that serve as a guide or for fun, enlistarán six apps that every woman should have in her cell phone.

There is no specific order, so don’t need to pay attention to that, rather to support you will provide.

1.- Circle of 6

This is a security application, since it can store six trusted friends who will receive an alert if you find yourself in a situation of danger and/or risk. The way it works is by sharing your exact location with just the touch of two buttons to give them a message that you need help. In order to help thousands of people, the app is available in multiple languages.

Available on: iOS


Will allow you to perform a follow-up to your menstrual period and add data like mood, pain, symptoms, and planning, among others.

Available on: iOS and Android

3.- Pregnancy+

Contrary to the Clue, this app will serve for when you’re already pregnant and, with it, you’ll be able to keep a record of the activities of your pregnancy such as doctor appointments, diets, exercises, counter kicks, shopping list for baby, full-color images, and ultrasound, among others.

Available on: iOS and Android

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4.- 7M Fitness

If you want to do is work out a quick and easy way to this is the application for you, because you have a guide of workouts that last only 7 minutes and can be performed in any place where you want.

Available on: iOS and Android

5.- Chicisimo

This app will help you to give you ideas for your future outfit photos, since you can select a garment, choose a color and see all of the options with which you can combine.

Available on: iOS and Android

6.-Find My Car with AR

The purpose of this app is to not suffer more by finding the place where you left parked your car, because once in a while it is difficult to forget it or confuse it with any more, and if you are in a hurry is even worse; so if you’re forgetful, download it and take off a concern of the shoulders.

Available: iOS

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