6 keys to take into consideration before you download an app

Today, it is quite common that thousands of people download an app that will help them to facilitate the tasks they perform daily, or even give them a bit of fun when life turns out to be a bit overwhelming.

Just for this reason and because we know how important it is to have good, useful, and durable apps on the phone, we bring to you few points that should be take into account to not only do it correctly, but that do not fall into a fraudulent site that can steal the data once it is installed.

You are free to take them or leave them, but when something bad happens, don’t say you are not warned; before starting must take into account what they want from an application, that is not going to get it just because it is fashionable or because all of your friends you recommended it; if it is not adapted to their needs, not what you do, do not occupy space of your memory that you could be using with other tools.

Having said that, let’s begin with the first point of this short, but useful list.

1.- Read reviews and comments from forums specialized in the subject

Don’t be fooled by the advertising or because you said the friend of a friend; look up your account in several sources about the details that have the app and the security it offers; immerse yourself in the information and don’t let any doubt remain unresolved.

Read reviews people have given on the application, they better than anyone are a reliable source of experience that you can have once you have the download.

2.- Check the quality standards

This key is associated with the first, since you have to look good for you and which not, that should take into account and which to leave aside; to do this, you can see the data that will provide the same stores, such as AppStore and/or Playstore, which automatically will provide once you are looking for the name or title of what you are looking for.

3.- Download a security application

Once the decision is made to install a new app on your phone, it is important to have a security software like an antivirus, to first support the information that you have in him and that in the event that you have a malware, can be fought without there being a problem.

4.- Researching the company-developer, or distributor of the app

This point would seem fairly obvious, but there are people that don’t take into account, and fair when faced with a difficult situation with regard to the application or have any problems with it, don’t know where to go.

For this reason, it is recommended that you learn a bit of the reputation of the company, to know how good they have come out the creations that have been released.

5.- Verify that the app is compatible with your operating system

Believe it or not, it is of utmost importance to know if there is another program or tool that you download to be able to acquire it there would be to get these from any store that handles the mobile, either iOS or Android.

6.- Check carefully which information you are requesting the app

As you can see, everything is tied so that this point relates to the past, because once in a while the same application explains that in order to be placed on your phone, you need access to data that is found in him.

However, and as has happened recently, this fact manages to give a “permit” legitimate to have information that is considered private and to be able to make use of it, which in many cases is detrimental, although it is worth noting that if you do not have a problem with it, go ahead, do it.

You know the apps and games most downloaded in the history of the Apple App Store

Just remember to use your common sense, because if a program, for example, will guide you to make a list of the super, you ask for access to your contacts, it is clear that something is wrong and it should not be part of your Smartphone.

We hope you will take this into account, and implement any of the keys/tips to get the most out of the new application that will count and not expose more your security and privacy.

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