6 Tips that will help you organize your wardrobe and make each piece work for you

Experts advise to fix the closet at the beginning of each season. Why? In the first place, because any cleaning is a new energy in life. In the second place, it will free up space in the closet pulling out things that are obsolete. In the third place, following a revision of the wardrobe, you will discover new combinations of things already known, thanks to which your image will become more interesting and diverse. And finally, in fourth place, you will compile a list of the things that you need to buy.

Great.guru has identified 6 steps that will help you to fix your costume effectively for each piece you serve.

Step 1. Pull out all the things in the closet

First, you have to completely empty the closet or cabinets, not to mention the drawers, the drawers, the top shelves. There is that place with care all the clothes on the bed or on the floor and wipe with a damp cloth the closet, pulling out the dust from all the shelves.

Step 2. Sort the things according to the seasons

Separates things that are not used in the current season. Put things in, and the shoes that you’re not going to use this season in boxes and stash them in the upper shelves. In this way you’ll be freeing up additional space in your closet. Before doing this it is advisable to clean or wash things that need it.

Pay attention to the fact that you can use many things at any time of the year. You don’t have to keep them far from your reach.

Step 3. Sorted in 4 groups, the things that correspond to the current season

You have to classify in 4 groups the things corresponding to the current season and the clothes that are out of season, as well as shoes:

  • save in the closet;
  • fix: these are the things that you must take to dry cleaning, adjust it to your figure or to repair, remove beads, wash or remove stains;
  • give away/sell;
  • raise doubts.

Checking the clothes and the footwear don’t forget the accessories. Belts, bandanas, scarves, hats and jewelry. It is also important to get rid of obsolete things, worn, and irrelevant, as well as to properly organize the storage. It would be a pity to understand that this necklace or this scarf adornarían your image but forgot their existence.

Step 4. Try it all in you

Test in front of the mirror absolutely all of the things that you plan to store in the closet, fix and that you left on the group “raise questions”. With the time the garment may stop to stay well, to require a settlement or simply not be fashionable. When inspecting things with stains, holes and granules, be honest with yourself: do you really can fix these items and you’re going to do it?

Hung carefully on hangers separate the things that you’re saving in your closet. Jeans and items that can stretch, it is best to put them on the shelves.

Step 5. Follow our questionnaire, if you have doubts of what to do with the clothes

Step 6. Make a list of necessary purchases

For some reason, the stylists in one voice say that a good shopping stroll begins at home. Thanks to the analysis of the costume, you’ll be able to calculate clothing without a pair. For example, you’ll find a skirt or blouse that you don’t have with which to merge. You will realize that you don’t have enough pants staples in your wardrobe. Or you’ll find the garments repeated, for example, several sweaters, high neck or jeans alike that take up all the space of your closet.

Make a list of what you need to purchase and comply with them when you go shopping. This will help you avoid purchases and unforeseen expenses, especially in the period of discounts and closeouts. And it also helps to create a costume “functional” in that all of the garments to be combined with any other and there will not be any without using.

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