6 things that you should consider before subscribing to YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the last (and strongest) bet of Google to conquer the market of streaming music, now with a brand much more popular as it is YouTube.

And it seems that this could be the product that Google really plant face-to-Apple Music and Spotify, which, without discredit to Deezer or Tidal, they are not the competition that is expected for the first two, but YouTube Music looks like it could achieve what they don’t.

For this reason, here I share 6 things that you should consider before subscribing to YouTube Music.

Free service and payment

One of the things best rated by the users of Spotify is your service freemium, that is to say, the possibility of access to the platform without paying a single penny, yes, listening to announcements, and accepting some limitations in playback.

Well, YouTube Music also features with a free service in which you have to listen to ads, but you will not have any restriction on the playback of content, that is to say, you’ll be able to select which song you want to listen to, however, you will not be able to use the application in the background or with locked screen, something that many users have complained, and that could reduce your use experience on mobile.

YouTube Music Premium is the payment mode, which you hear and see ads, you get the player playing in the background and downloading music on your device.

The price of YouTube Music Premium are the following:

  • Individual: $99 MXN
  • Family Plan (up to 6 accounts): $149 MXN

A huge catalog, but…

Some days ago I shared with you how many songs were on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music and YouTube Music, here I mentioned the YouTube Music boasts a catalog of over 50 million songs available, which is 15 million more than it currently Spotify, however, you must take into account a very important detail.

In YouTube Music we will find songs of all kinds, from covers, remixes, live versions recorded by fans, etc, hence their slogan #TodoEstaAquí.

This is an advantage that we’re going to find live versions or recorded concerts in good quality that there is on any other platform, but we also find with many releases or tracks that have an audio quality very bad.

How many songs there are on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music and Deezer

With respect to its music catalog, that is to say, songs or albums official, we’re also going to find a good content, however, you still need to add a good number of tracks that are on other services, even we’re going to find in Google Play Music, which in theory is going to merge with YouTube Music, although that will be doing it gradually throughout the year.

With YouTube Music get Google Play Music and vice versa

For some strange reason, Google has always liked to have several similar services in the market that coexist among themselves, and the case of YouTube Music and Google Play Music is a clear example.

If you are one of those that paid for Google Play Music, then you will have access to YouTube Music Premium, if you’re paying for YouTube Music Premium, then you have access to Google Play Music. The main difference is that in Google Play Music you’re going to be able to enjoy more than 40 million official songs, which as I already said, many of them are not in YouTube Music.

The idea of Google is that Play Music are going to disappear, this looks like it’s going to happen at some point this or next year, so that when this happens I guess all the catalog of Play Music will be in YouTube Music, like playlists, history, library and songs you uploaded to your Cloud on Google Play Music.

What will happen with Google Play Music and all the music that I went up now that there is YouTube Music?

The same account playback on multiple devices simultaneously

One of the things that you can do in Spotify is that with the same account you can listen to different music in multiple devices simultaneously, well, with YouTube Music there is no such restriction. That is to say, you can listen to music on your phone and at the same time put another song on your computer, and another on another device without any problem.

This allows the same account to several people to listen to music, yes, the record will be the same for all, so if they are of different tastes its recommendations and the library is going to be a mix of very weird, so the best way is to opt for a family plan, which leads us to the next point.

A family plan that is very family

Spotify has the option of a family plan with up to 6 accounts, in theory they should share the same address, but if you never verify your home address, then there is no problem with the accounts of your family plan to be even of different states of the Republic. In the case of YouTube Music we also have a family plan, but it should be the of your family of Google Play.

This means that you have to do the activation in the settings of the Play Store, therefore, all your purchases of apps, movies, music and even the form of payment the family may be used by the other members of the family, although this last is always going to require administrator authorization.

This could certainly be a limiting factor for many want to gamble for a family plan, although you can also configure the settings to not share anything of your purchases with other members of the family.

YouTube Music and Premium YouTube Premium are not the same

Also I already explained the differences between YouTube and Premium YouTube Music Premium, but it is normal that you are confused between one and another, so basically this is the difference.

With YouTube Music Premium you have access to the exclusive benefits of the music, who are playing in the background, without the ads and the downloading of music, but it is important to mention that it is only in the music, not YouTube, that is to say, can’t you see the videos of Unocero or one of your Youtubers favorite YouTube Music.

What are the differences between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

On the other hand, YouTube Premium gives you access to the catalog exclusive series and movies from YouTube that was previously known as a YouTube NETWORK, you can also play any video from YouTube without ads, in the background, and you can download them on your device, but the best thing about this service is that all the subscribers of YouTube Premium will have access to YouTube Music Premium and all its benefits.

The cost of the subscription to YouTube Premium is the following:

  • Individual Plan: $119 MXN
  • Family Plan (up to 6 accounts): $179 MXN

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