6 things you should know about Messenger Kids

Yesterday it was premiered in Mexico the new Messenger Kids, the new instant messaging application that Facebook has been developed from scratch and which is intended in the safety of the smallest of the home so that they can talk with their friends on the Internet while parents have the confidence and security that only you can do that with contacts your confidence.

We already we talked the operation of Messenger Kids here in Unocero, and we have now analyzed several details of this application by telling you 6 things that you should know before your kids use Messenger Kids.

1. Your child does not need an account of Facebook

This is one of the main concerns of many users, does my child need their own Facebook?. The reality is it is not, because the Messenger account Kids your child is linked with the one or two dads, this is for the application to work, and so the parents can have control over the contacts authorized to talk to the child, as well as to limit the time of use of the application.

2. You can not see the conversations of your child remotely

Although Facebook has designed this app thinking in children and parents, the reality is that parents can’t see the conversations of the children remotely from other devices. for example, a dad can not enter your account in Facebook or Messenger and to see the conversation between two children or the child and the family authorized.

3. The children can only talk to each other through a Messenger account Kids

If you want your child to talk with other children, these children should have their own Messenger account Kids, and this is only possible if you are under 13 years of age, and if their parents have created their accounts linked to their accounts of Facebook.

If these children don’t have their Messenger account Kids you can invite the parents to do so, to do this we must go to the Control Panel of Messenger Kids from our account on Facebook and in the option of “Choosing people”, select the option of “Invite”.

Once this is done we select or we seek the profile of the father, mother or guardian for it to create the account Messenger Kids of your son or daughter.

4. Parents should be friends in Facebook so that your children can talk to each other

If you already invited them to a father that believes in the Messenger account Kids for your child, the next step is for parents to be friends on Facebook, and once concluded this process now touches every who accept that their children can talk in Messenger Kids.

It is important to clarify that for the safety of your children, they may not speak with the children of other people who are not your friends in Facebook, therefore, they can not chat with relatives who are not your friends in the social network.

In addition remember that at all times you can choose who can and who can not talk your son in to Messenger Kids.

5. You can’t delete the messages sent

So that you can always see the entire conversations of your children, in Messenger Kids it is impossible to delete any message that is sent or received, this way when you see the device of your little ones you’ll be able to access entire conversations without problem.

The only detail is that the voice calls and video calls are not recorded, only you will be able to see the notification that was made, but you can’t see that said in-call or video call.

6.You can block remote access to the application

As it has become fashionable the option to control the use of applications and devices to prevent excessive use, also you can block the access to the application so your children will no longer be able to chat with other users.

This option can only be enabled or disabled parents from the Control Panel of the Messenger Kids in your accounts of Facebook.

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