6 Photos of amazon actual with his mere appearance already terrorized the enemies

The stories that feature superheroínas do not stop agitating the minds of the filmmakers hollywoodenses. Thanks to them, young people from all over the planet do not stop dreaming with Xena, Red Sonja, Cat Woman and even with the Black Widow, despite its name. It is now Wonder Woman. The actress, who played ” Gal Gadot is really lovely. But does truth look like to the amazons real?

Great.guru selected photos of women whose fame of courage and force was recorded, rather than in comics, in the annals of history.

1. In our imagination, the amazon will look like this

The heroine Gal Gadot, warrior Diana, is a character of ancient legends. First appeared in the pages of the comics in the year 1941. Since then, it is as well as any fan of the cinema and animation of superheroes he imagines a rider.

2. And this is how they look in reality

In reality, the riders were as well. Not for nothing all the Greek heroes, from Hercules to Theseus, had to fight a mandatory for a powerful rider to demonstrate his courage.

3. They feared them up to yours

The warriors lived in the state of Dahomey, in Western Africa, south of the Sahara. They were part of the personal guard of the king and were appointed their wives. Even though the ruler was afraid to touch them for the fear they had. So intimidating were.

4. A third of the army of Dahomey was integrated for amazon

They were not mythical characters but real people that had demonstrated its strength in fighting with the colonial troops of France, at the end of the NINETEENTH century. According to the researchers ‘ calculations, there were 6 thousand women in the troops of Dahomey. And that was a third of the whole army of the country.

5. Knew so much about using a sword as sleep to a baby

Like the amazons, mythical, the warriors of Dahomey were a military well-trained, ready to fight, rally, and perform combat operations. Many joined the ranks voluntarily, by changing the destination of housewife for that of a warrior.

6. It is better not to have stood in the way of a woman with


The most famous of the amazons of Dahomey was Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh. Was a military leader known for being very ruthless with his enemies. Once, leading a detachment that had only bows and spears, seized the fortress of Abeokuta, whose defenders were armed with cannons and muskets.

This is a portrait, done in life, in which Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh holds the head of a defeated enemy.

7. The women warriors were not uncommon

Recently took a DNA sample extracted from the skeleton of a noble viking warrior, unearthed in the 1880’s in Birka. It turned out to be a woman. What about you, how you imagined the amazonas real? Tell us in the comments.

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