6 traditional Principles of education that now is the time to forget to always

How often do you stop to think about how good are those educational principles that you project on your children? How often you update, taking account of the reality of modern life? Almost all of us are guided, to a greater or lesser extent, by the patterns that have been instilled in us by our parents: “study well”, “do everything best”, “when you grow up, you become the boss”.

However, a child psychologist, author of several books and scientific articles, L. Petranovskaia, ensures that in this way we are preparing the young ones, not for tomorrow, but the day before yesterday.

In Great.guru we were extremely surprised by his statement and tried to figure out if really the time has come that all review our mind to get rid of the beginning are now obsolete.

6. It is necessary to save

The main rule of our parents and grandparents today, practically, it makes no sense. You can save money for a fairly short time and for something specific. A long-term background “under the mattress” or a bank deposit is home to a perspective, to say the least, dubious. What is more likely is that you end up getting the opposite result. Have some money saved, of course, is necessary, but it is better to ensure that these savings work for you.

In the modern world, the money should be invested in a prudent manner, something that not everyone knows how to do. And for that you will know the basics of financial planning that every person should know to manage it well.

5. If you do something, do it in the best way possible

This is one of the more durable and classic that is still as a dogma of faith from generation to generation.

But if you look at how busy it is on a school day for any student and how much you have to do during your day, then the only output will be to decide which to apply the maximum effort, for which matter simply just read and what you might copy from your classmate.

The reality is that, if you do everything right, how can you do something to a higher level?

And this ability to distribute the efforts to become one of the most useful skills attained adulthood, when it is necessary to share your efforts and the time between work, family, hobbies and other subjects essential to feel alive.

4. To achieve success you have to work hard

You say it too many times to your child while he notes examples completely opposite in real life: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and other famous people in the world who did not have a hateful job to get some kind of success. Simply, they did what they liked, expressing their ideas with excitement to finally achieve a great result.

And you can also find those who, without any effort, luck, for some reason, I smiled.

Since long ago, the success and the hard work they have ceased to be synonyms. On the contrary, the more hours without stopping, you’re a hateful job, the lower is the probability of your success, and the greater the unhappiness.

3. Need to acquire the maximum possible knowledge

“How can you not know it?” exclamas when your child cannot tell you who is Anne Frank. But the reality is that knowing this shall in no way affect his future life. In addition, this information can be found in a few seconds on the Internet.

And this is a key skill: the ability to quickly find information, evaluate its reliability and cataloging it. That is exactly what we need to teach to the new generations.

The general knowledge are good, but this does not mean that they are useful for practical life.

2. The important thing is to achieve a stable profession

How many dreams of your childhood is broken by this statement! Do you remember? “What you’re telling me to write the books? But what of the poems? This is not serious. You need to be an accountant, a profession worthy!” But we forget that, in 10 or 15 years, the importance and the output of a chosen profession may completely change.

The world today is so rapidly changing that only those who know how to be flexible, to anticipate the changes that are coming and be willing to be renewed will be able to succeed.

1. Scale in your profession is an indicator of success

For many, it is a discovery that professional growth can be not only vertical (laborer, worker, supervisor, manager and so on), but also horizontal.

You have examples of this type in front of your eyes: accounts to be successful in the social networks that have emerged thanks to the ability to weave, sew, draw, work wood, and more.

In our world, any hobby can turn into your favorite job. And the process of improvement in this work can become a major reason in your life.

If a child has little interest in mathematics but draws excellent shape, the best is just what we should boost, in place of hiring a private teacher to work with the stuff that costs a little.

And now… let’s Replace those principles obsolete

For a successful life in the modern world, as the experts say, it is necessary to have:

  • high communication skills (leaving that “Ramiro, sit down, you shut your mouth and listen for once!”);
  • the ability to cooperate and work in a team (the adult life, generally, it produces numerous cases in which is required of a work set for a project);
  • creativity and ability to think outside the established patterns;
  • a critical mind is developed (that is just what helps to survive in this modern world).

What are you willing to change your basic principles of the education or you’re still thinking that there are eternal truths that never go out of fashion? Do you think that these principles will be also obsolete in 30 years?

Illustrator Natalia Kulakova for Great.guru

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