6 Breeds of domestic cats huge that have nothing to envy of their relatives wild

Probably, there is not a cat lover who does not want stroking behind the ear of a lion, a leopard or a puma. But, unfortunately, these wild cats do not let you to come to them easily, but there is a solution! You can have at home, for example, any of those that appear in our list. By the way, in this article, not only you will see 6 more breeds large domestic cats, but also are likely to determine who is who (for that you’ll need to see the bonus that is waiting for you at the end of this publication).

Great.guru proposes you contemplate how huge that can be these cute “kittens” home.

Norwegian forest cat

Is the race official in Norway. Only these cats are able to come down from a great height with the head down, unlike other types. Living well in a department, they are good creatures and gentle, despite their large size (the males weigh between 5,5 and 7,5 kilos, the females are a bit smaller). If you want to have one of these, you’ll have to keep in mind that these norwegians are true hunters and they need the ability to lead an active lifestyle.


The savannah represents the breed of cats more big and expensive that there is currently, bred by crossing a serval african with a domestic cat. The weight of a cat of this kind, as an adult, can reach 20 pounds. Despite its ancestor the wild, the savannah is of calm nature, open and friendly, and as a further advantage, it has an intellect quite developed.

Maine Coon

These cats large from the united States. The average weight of a male varies between 5.9 and 8.2 kg, whereas females weigh between 3.6 and 5.4 kg. Can reach a length of more than a meter, and his ears peculiar, resembling those of a lynx. Unlike other breeds of cats, the Maine Coon like to bathe, so if you are planning a trip to the lake, take your friends queue with you.

Siberian cat

It is considered a breed Russian original and a national pride. A striking feature of these cats is that they are very similar to dogs. Yes, they hold on, miss, and express your love for the master like dogs. In addition, the cats siberians are considered hypoallergenic, as their saliva and hair have fewer allergens. Well, if you are allergic to and you’ve always dreamed of having a cat, this is your chance!

Turkish Van

One of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. These beauties ronroneantes are perfect for those who, in addition to the cat, is posed to have another pet. The Turkish Van is very user-friendly, both with other cats, and even dogs, as with children (if they do not pull his tail). They are curious creatures and active, very fond of the games, and claim attention.

Ragdoll (rag doll)

This breed of cats is eye-catching and easily unforgettable, bred artificially to get the cats with the temperament smoother (the name of “rag doll” insinuates because the main feature of a ragdoll is their ability to completely relax in the hands of man). Adult males can weigh up to 12 pounds, reaching lengths of up to a meter. The representatives of this breed are smart and have a good memory, so that no problems will arise, teaching them to make their needs in the sandpit.

Bonus: how you Can help us to identify the breeds of cats in the following pictures?

This is the same cat redhead

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