6 Roles that you should not take in your relationship if you don’t want to lose it

Due to their nature, a woman often and unconsciously, plays different roles in front of a man. One is the “girl” to his better half, the other is “mother” and the third is the “cloth of tears” on which man leaves all his failures and complaints. Some of these roles can destroy a relationship. Therefore, it is important to realize the role that you play in the relationship, understand their disadvantages, and not to continue this game for a long time.

Great.guru reviewed 6 roles that women play in relationships and that can eventually lead to a break with your loved one or the destruction of self-esteem and the loss of the same.

1. Shy

Sometimes the women talk about themselves in a derogatory way, and scold her for the smallest errors, and demonstrate to others the dissatisfaction with themselves, or depreciate the praise which a man does to them and their own achievements.

Don’t do that. You don’t have to tell a man that you admire about your flaws, real or apparent. Why should you focus your gaze on the shortcomings that, perhaps, you, yourself, inventaste? He can believe that you’re not good enough. Learn to accept compliments with dignity and do not downgrade your advantages.

2. Mother

“You have to have lunch”, “don’t stay up very late or not sleep enough”, “you Have to put warm clothes to take/medicine”, “don’t insoles”. These and other similar phrases indicate that a woman is overprotective of his partner and starts to look like an angry mother.

First, cause irritation in a partner psychologically mature. And in the second place, it kills the passion in the relationship, because what kind of pervert will have a attraction carnal towards her mother?

3. Girl

The woman shows this type of behavior if you talk with your partner using the child’s voice, behaves childishly and naive, is shown injured, while experiencing anger and rage or gets into ridiculous situations, to let your partner “save”.

The result of this behavior will be similar to that described above. A man sooner or later are irritated due to an infant-like behavior. And the relationship will be abandoned little by little the passion. Voluntarily or involuntarily, he must assume the role of a father. And sleeping with his daughter is incest.

4. Saving

It is impractical to spend the precious time of your life trying to save a man-a loser who has a broken heart, problems with alcohol, work, etc this is Not love, it is the shorter route to the codependency. When, for example, a man dependent on alcohol and you are emotionally dependent on him.

For such rescue missions, there are narcólogos, psychotherapists, their own motivation, or a kick, that can be your break. In addition, do not be fooled. The prognosis of the development of such relationships is unfavorable, and the “cure” is impossible. Because both in the couple benefit from your position. The “need of salvation” receives the attention and care and be the “savior” feels that someone needs it.

5. Victim

You play the role of victim, if you renounce your interests and hobbies for the sake of a man, you stop communicating with your family or friends because your partner wants it. If you shut up and do what your man likes, even if it is uncomfortable for you.

By sacrificing yourself in a relationship, you give to yourself. As a result, your satisfaction with the relationships in particular and life in general are reduced. In addition, the self-sacrifice is one of the forms of emotional blackmail. After all, it is a pretext for reproach to your partner and insist on the sacrifices and commitments of his party.

6. Manipulated

This paper consists in the fact that the women are left to humiliate, trample, let them say the nasty things to you or even that they raise their hand.

This behavior of a man shows he has no confidence in himself and is trying to raise their self-esteem to coast yours, and provoking a feeling of inferiority, to hold on to him. If as you say directly that you shouldn’t be treated that way, but nothing has changed, then, it seems, is not your man and it’s time to think about ending this relationship.

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina for Great.guru

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