6 tricks of the iPhone keyboard to make your life easier

We use our iPhones to write all sorts of things, including messages, notes, emails, lists, reminders, etc., it Is more than obvious that we spend glued to the keyboards of our phones and we don’t know half of the tricks that we would make everything easier.

For example, did you know that there is a “gesture” to transform the keyboard into a trackpad? Or that there is a keyboard mode to type with one hand?

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Why don’t we make life easier with these tricks to the iPhone keyboard?

1. Trackpad/Cursor 3D Touch

If you are using an iPhone 6s in forward, just press firmly anywhere on the keyboard until it turns into a trackpad virtual. From this you can move the cursor to where you want it.

2. Shake to undo

If you make a mistake, you can simply shake the iPhone a bit and immediately a message will appear asking if you want to undo that text. If you wave again, you can also return it.

3. Replace the text and save time

Register shortcuts for texts. Instead of typing full sentences you can enlist a few keys. As for an address, prayers, etc

You just need to go to Configucración > General > Keyboard > Replace text and are discharged to the combinations that you want.

Both in iOS and in mac os you will find this function.

4. Dictation

Don’t always need the keyboard to type. The next time

you have your hands full, just tap the key with the microphone on the bottom of the keyboard. Just speak up, say what you have to say and sends.

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5. Turn off predictive text

If you don’t like the suggestions provided by Apple to complete your sentences, you can always turn this feature off.

Press the key with the globe and go to the Keyboard Settings, low and off where it says Predictive.

6. Typing with one hand

From the iOS 11 it is possible to transform the keyboard in a version that makes it easy to use with a single hand, either right or left.

The only thing you have to do is to let down the globe, down will appear with icons of keyboards and each one aligned to the right, center and left.

Do you know any other trick that is not on the list?

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